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    Store sports equipment at LAGERBOX - dry, safe and flexible

    Even the most ambitious athlete needs a break. Where to go then with the sports equipment? If there is no clubhouse with storage space or enough space in your own four walls available, additional storage space for the sports equipment is needed. That's exactly what LAGERBOX offers the right place for it. With us, you can store your sports equipment and also enjoy many benefits that other deposits cannot offer you in the form and number.

    LAGERBOX is always there for you

    Store sports equipment

    One of these advantages is the constant availability of your storage space when you need it. Here we present a sporty workload because we are on site every day during our office hours. During this time, you have access to your stored sporting goods. That's a good thing because after all, many sports events often take place on Sundays and public holidays or in the holiday and holiday season. Such time-outs do not exist with us, in terms of opening and access times we are endurance athletes.

    Our sports equipment storeroom - the right place for every sport:  

    • Aerobics
    • Airsoft
    • Fishing
    • Ballooning
    • Ball sports
    • Mountaineering and climbing
    • Boating and diving
    • Bungee
    • Kite flying
    • E-Sports
    • Martial Arts
    • Athletics
    • Cycling
    • Trekking and hiking
    • Gymnastics
    • Winter sports
    • and much more

    Store sports equipment with safety

    Store bicycle roller

    So unless you're a professional finger-hakler, there are always things in your sport that you can use on an excellent storeroom. Especially in team sports, safety is an important aspect. Here, we score points with our sports equipment through alarm-protected buildings and video surveillance in the corridors. Also, your sports equipment at LAGERBOX is in a lockable storage that only you have access to. Of course this is good for expensive sports equipment such as bicycles, boats or trekking equipment, kits, balls and everything else you need to practice your favorite sport.

    Keep sports equipment well air-conditioned

    Constant temperatures and dryness are essential for the storage of sports equipment. With guaranteed frost free and dry air it is best to store, this applies to sports equipment storage as well as to other stored things.

    Garage is not a sports equipment storeroom

    Garage is not a sports equipment storeroom

    Such optimum storage conditions are not prevalent in a garage, but not only because of this is not a suitable storage place for sports equipment. What many do not even know: By law, the garage is only a parking space for motor vehicles, and it may only be stored its things that have to do directly with the car, so tires, oils, detergents. Everything that goes beyond that, such as sports equipment, is not to be stored in the garage and can even attract a fine of up to 500 Euro.

    Always available, always easily accessible

    But you can easily avoid this by booking an easily accessible, always available storage for your sports equipment at LAGERBOX. You can access your storeroom at any time, drive directly to the car and store everything you need for your sporting events conveniently, flexibly and safely. For this, we offer you on-site free transport aids for more convenient storage in our buildings.

    Storage ideas for sports equipment

    We also have useful tips for the "interior decoration" of your personal storage space. Also, our practical storage ideas for sports equipment show you how to equip your storage unit ideally:

    • Ball bags
    • Dolly
    • Wall shelves
    • Grid shelf trolley
    • Ball container
    • Skateboard shelf trolley
    • Noodle trolley
    • Sports matt dolly
    • Suspension console for sports mats
    • Material boxes and baskets
    • Springboard stand
    • Floating line cart
    • Hoop suspension

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