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Business Storage for Rent

Safe My Storage Now

Store files – secure, dry and accessible at any time

Legal file retention periods compel us to store files for many years. If your office doesn’t have the capacity to do so, a solution must be found for storing documents. We offer an affordable and ideal solution.

Whether you wish to store you files in boxes or shelves, we help you to handle your space problems and meet the requirements of legal retention periods for various documents. “Outsourcing” your files with LAGERBOX is not only an efficient solution, but also an economic way to save manpower and to make better use of available space. We also have special offers on robust shelves and high-quality boxes. A ventilation system ensures that the documents remain in good quality and condition.   Active storage is equipped with file shelves in order to ensure quick and convenient access. Our flexible access times on 365 days a year between 6am and 11pm at most of our LAGERBOX locations are a unique, costumer-friendly storage solution.   Passive storage usually consists of cardboard boxes. Due to rare access, these storage units are smaller. At a height of up to 3m, they can be stocked vertically to free up your office space.

Sales reps and field staff looking for flexible, dry storage space

There are many daily challenges in the lives of people whose job consist of being on the road a lot. So why not take some of the pressure away and some of these things off your mind.

LAGERBOX enables you to make space in your own four walls and store your merchandise at excellent conditions. Our goods receiving service takes care of the various delivery companies and notifies you by e-mail or phone call. This saves you a lot of time spent at the counters of delivery companies or waiting for your goods at home   Our refined security concept and insurance policy protects your goods against unauthorized access and damage. There are some special offers for our long-term tenants which complete the LAGERBOX service package.

Secure storage room for web shop operators and eBay sellers

If you are an online seller, you have to flexible in many ways and need a reliable partner like LAGERBOX. We provide flexible storage space in various sizes between 1 m³ and 20 m².

Especially during slack season, in summer for example, you may conveniently change the size of your storage unit at a flick of the wrist and save considerable renting costs. Even giving up your warehouse completely during when business is waning is quick and easy due to our short cancellation periods, which start at 7 days. If your business is back on track, you can move back into a storage unit just as quickly. You might be able to dispense of an office altogether: we offer free wi-fi at a number of our stores for you to stay connected at all times as well as conference and meeting rooms, which you can use to take care of necessary business.

Business storage for rent

Where to store excess inventory? Outsource your warehouse.

Selling off your last range of goods is going slow and your warehouse is overflowing? Store your excess inventory at excellent conditions at LAGERBOX.

We provide you with a FREE transport van on your move-in day in order to transport your things from your production site to your storage unit. Sort out your merchandise or prepare them for sale in the wide and well-lit corridors at all out LAGERBOX stores.

storing seasonal goods

Storing seasonal goods securely: get ready for summer

Are you looking for temporary, professional storage for your unused seasonal goods and equipment? We offer a solution. Rent a storage unit at LAGERBOX for exactly the time you need.

At LAGERBOX, we don’t believe in paying for unused space. Save costs by only paying for the days you actually need. Our stores are equipped with spacious freight elevators in case your storage room is not on the ground floor. Everything is taken care of at LAGERBOX.

business storage for rent

Trade show supplies: store them locally and access any time

Trade show season is turbulent and your days are long and hectic. Preparing and setting up trade show stands and decoration is an arduous process. Off-season then gives you the chance to regroup and develop new ideas for the next trade show season.

But what to do with the all the trade show supplies in the meantime? Storing them in your apartment is really not an option and offices are seldom large enough to accommodate bulky trade show stands. Whether in the short or long term, LAGERBOX provides you with storage rooms of all sizes. Heavy equipment can be easily moved to your storage unit using our lifting carts and trolleys. You may access your storage unit without prior notification or appointment during our long access hours by using your personal access chip. That way you are flexible at all times, even when things are hectic.