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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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As the name suggests, Self Storage means you do the storing yourself. Self-storage companies provide storage rooms, but not the logistics. The customer is responsible for moving the belongings into the storage unit. Of course the customer can get help for this task from professional moving companies, friends or family. At LAGERBOX, you rent additional space, the size you want for as long as you want. We lease storage rooms starting 1 m³ for a minimum period of 1 week. Do you wish to expand or reduce the size of your storage unit? You can downsize your storage unit already after one month. Upsizing is usually possible any time. Both cases depend on the availability of the requested size. The best way to know is to talk directly to the staff at your LAGERBOX store.
Only you or authorized persons may enter your storage unit. Storage rooms and storage boxes are lockable and are secured with a padlock that you may bring yourself or purchase at the LAGERBOX supplies store. You may determine authorized persons in your rental agreement or by supplying authorization at short notice. Once authorized, these persons have full access to your storage unit. Provided they can prove authorization, they need to have a key to your storage unit and be able to identify themselves with an official identification document.
Yes: Exposed perishables (tinned food is ok), fuels and lubricants, paints, varnish, and solvents, explosives (including fireworks, propellants, and ammunition), weapons, used tires, combustion engines (including outboard motors, mopeds etc.). In general, goods that are flammable or highly oxidizing are prohibited from storage. Goods that emit hazardous fumes or smells are also prohibited from storage. When in doubt, please speak to one of our staff.
Yes, we are a member of the Association of German Self Storage Companies and fulfill the requirement of DIN 15696, the standard of the self-storage business community. DIN 15696 regulates the requirements to self-storage facilities and services for personal and business use. This includes security measures, environmental obligations as well as self-storage agreement, risk management and services during a contract period.


Use the available space. If you are storing furniture in the long-term, it might be advisable to disassemble them. When storing textiles and carpets, we strongly advise protecting these against infestation by using mothproofing agent. LAGERBOX employs preventive pest-control measures at all locations, but infestation cannot be fully ruled out. Moreover, you should make sure textiles are dry and packed in a way that facilitates ventilation. Make sure you consider the maximum usable storage room height of your storage unit, which is determined in your contract. You can also ask our local staff. Compliance with the maximum height you may use for storage guarantees the proper functioning of our fire protection measures and is a matter of special interest to all our customers.
The majority of our storage units are 3 meters high. The best way to know is to contact your local LAGERBOX store and speak to the staff.
Yes, our buildings are heated and frost-proof.
No, the storage units are not air-conditioned.
In most cases, the maximum floor loading is 500 kg per square meters. Ask our staff if you require more.
Yes, you may store beverages such as wine and sparkling wine at LAGERBOX.

Yes, all our locations have roofed drive-in areas.

Yes, you have the choice between active, passive and historic archiving and the appropriate shelving.


Yes, every LAGERBOX store has a supplies store that sells packing supplies. They also sell and lease shelves.
Yes, every LAGERBOX store has a supplies store that sells moving supplies. For more information, please visit our moving shop.
During the transport, you can leave your car on our parking lot. Please talk to our staff if you wish to leave your car with us longer. Our stores in Cologne-Ossendorf, Cologne-Poll, Leverkusen, Berlin-Hohenschönhausen, Stuttgart, Dortmund, and Leipzig offer vehicle storage for cars, lorries and trucks, caravans, etc.
Yes, LAGERBOX provides a mailbox service to our customers. For more information, please visit: Rent Mailboxes
Yes, you can send goods from abroad to LAGERBOX. However, you are fully responsible for all customs matters. We gladly receive individual parcels for our customers. Large shipments must be stored by a logistics company or received by our customer (or a person authorized by our customer).
Yes, we gladly receive parcels for our customers. However, we cannot offer do this daily and in great quantities.
Please contact the staff at your nearest LAGERBOX location.


Yes, you can take on insurance for your stored goods depending on their value, which offers individual coverage for all types of damage. For more information, categories, and prices, please visit: versicherung.pdf In some cases your household contents insurance might apply. Please speak to your insurance company about this.
Yes, the LAGERBOX locations are secured by alarms and video surveillance.
Yes, LAGERBOX has security personnel.
No, LAGERBOX does not offer storage of valuables.


Yes, you may use our transport van or trailer for moving in free-of-charge after prior consultation. You may use it during the office hours of your nearest LAGERBOX store. Our employees will gladly inform you about the terms and conditions in greater detail.
No, but we will gladly recommend one of our partners.
No, but we will gladly recommend one of our partners.
Yes, most of our locations provide free-of-charge handling aids such as hand trucks, trolleys and lifting carts.
No, but we will gladly recommend one of our partners.
Yes, we have good elevators at all our locations.


After signing the contract, every customer receives an individual LAGERBOX transponder and secures the storage unit with a padlock. Every person who has access to the transponder or the padlock key can access the storage room. Moreover, the customer may authorize other people in writing to access the storage unit.

Please bring your official identification card or passport (with valid registration certificate). Moreover, the first payment of rent and the deposit are due upon signing of the contract.

We are completely flexible. You can reduce the size of your storage unit after one month. Moving up to a larger unit is usually instantly possible. In both cases we have to check the availability of the requested size. The best way to know is to contact your local LAGERBOX store and speak to the staff.
We try to accommodate our customer’s needs, so it really depends on the individual case. The best way to know is to contact your local LAGERBOX store and speak to the staff.
Yes, your storage unit will be free after your contract expires and you can continue renting it.
Yes, if you rent for fixed period of time and pay your rent in advance. Please contact the staff at your nearest LAGERBOX location for the full details.
No, a new tenant may only take over a storage unit after consultation with the previous tenant. However, the new tenant must enter a new contract. We then come to a customer-friendly agreement for termination of the old contract.
Best would be to inquire about availability without any commitment. We are flexible with regard to rent. Customers may rent storage space at very short notice, i.e. the same day.
Yes, you need to be of legal age to rent a storage unit.
Yes, you may change the billing address, but not the recipient. Speak to our staff if you wish somebody else to cover your bill. We will find an individual solution.
Yes, the deposit is 1 monthly rent or 4 weekly rents, respectively.
We accept the following forms of payment: cash, EC debit card, credit card, invoice, direct debit.
Our minimum renting period is one week.
It depends on the duration of your contract. Monthly contracts are subject to a cancellation period of 14 days before the end of the renting period. Weekly contracts are subject to a cancellation period of 7 days before the end of the renting period.