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Mailboxes for Rent – Secure Access

Safe My Storage Now

postfaecher1Our smallest storage unit – your personal mailbox for rent Are you on the road a lot and need somebody to receive your mail? Send your mail to your personal mailbox at LAGERBOX.   Discreet and secured against unauthorized access. We will store your mail until you find time to pick it up.   This is an ideal solution if, for example, you are going abroad or moving at short notice. You are notified about incoming your mail without having to check yourself. Gain maximum flexibility by letting us forward your mail to wherever you are.

Ideal solution

Mailbox services at LAGERBOX are the ideal solution if you are going abroad or moving at short notice. No overflowing letterbox and no visible deliveries.

Call your nearest LAGERBOX location now. Our customer service will set up your mailbox as soon as possible and let you know your personal mailbox address.

Excellent service:

We will gladly notify you: whenever you receive mail, we send you an e-mail or give you a call. We can also forward your mail to an address.


Advertisements and free newspapers are a complete give-away to the fact that your house, company building, or apartment is vacant and unsupervised. A sticker saying “No Junk Mail, no free newspapers” on your letterbox might be able to contain the paper flood a little.