War in Ukraine: Helping people in need

Ukraine conflict

These are moving times that are affecting all of us. No one in our country is left cold by the war in Ukraine.

Shocking videos reach us every day and make us very sad. In a situation like this, it is all the more important to stand with our fellow humans.

Many are looking to do more than sharing a post on social media. What is needed is concrete help for the people in need. Under the motto “Help Ukraine, help Europe!”, we are asking for donating goods in cooperation with LAGERBOX.com.

Needed goods are listed below. Leave your donations under one of the campaign posters or take them to your nearby LAGERBOX facility. We offer free storage for the donations until they can be shipped. If you don’t have goods to donate at home, feel free to buy a little extra the next time you go shopping and support this important initiative.

The following goods are needed: canned fish/meat, other canned foods, ready-made meals, sausages, trail mix, coffee/tea, chocolate, muesli, AA batteries, lighters, sanitiser, soap, shampoo, detergent (small packs), and baby food.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call 0178 3373 197.

Secure your moving set (1 moving box Basic & 1 archive box with lid, 1 roll of adhesive tape) for FREE! Just fill in and come by.