What is self-storage?

Self-storage is a really great thing. But we still combine it with our unmistakable LAGERBOX philosophy. About the excellent end result, you will learn about here.

How does self-storage work?

Self-storage, the modern method of storage, is now available at many locations in Germany. For a lot of self-storage users, the storage units already offer a lot of practical benefits today. But there are still enough people who have never heard of self-storage or want to get a better idea of the very practical storerooms. Have you ever come by one of these self-storage locations and wondered what you could expect from these storage facilities and how storage works? Here and now you get an all-round introduction from Germany's pioneering self-storage provider.

Where does self-storage come from?

Self-storage mit LAGERBOX

For this, we start with a short excursion to the United States. That's where the idea of self-storage comes from. As early as 1953, the first registered company in this field opened in Florida. Together with the changed life circumstances, which played into the hands of the industry with the years and decades (higher divorce rates, more singles, more mobility), the simple and useful concept achieved fast success rates and later also in Europe. There, or especially in Germany, we are the pioneer of LAGERBOX. With our first location in Dusseldorf, we were the first self-storage company in the country.

Germany, too, needs more storage space

Self-storage trend in Germany

Individual storage is, therefore, another of the many successful models that came to us from the USA. In the Netherlands and the UK, self-storage has been comparatively more successful. However, the trend in Germany and the constant expansion of our network of self-storage locations in Germany and Russia show that the storage areas are also very well received here in Germany. We want to support this process by continually looking for new locations and showing those in need of storage space how much they can benefit from our great offer.

What does a self-storage location need?

You may have ever seen one of these self-storage facilities in your or another city. From the outside, the sites often look like regular warehouses. But appearances are deceptive because the warehouses are proving to be intelligent, safe and versatile multifunctional buildings with great potential for self-storage users.

These advantages provide a good self-storage location:

  • Excellent transport links to the road network and public transport
  • At any time easily accessible by car or truck
  • Plenty of space for maneuvering and picking
  • Covered loading area for dry unloading
  • Ramps and lifts for easy access to the storage units
  • Safety technology for 24/7 monitoring

How is a self-storage warehouse built?

Rental storeroom and storage spaces 

So much for the basic information of a good self-storage location. Now to the actual self-storage building. In principle, this only consists of empty units, but they have it in them as a true sense meaning.

This should be an ideal self-storage space:

  • available in different sizes
  • well air conditioned
  • dry
  • secure
  • clean
  • lockable

Self-storage works so well

In summary, you can imagine your experience with self-storage as follows: You drive with your stored goods to the nearest branch in your area. It is easy to reach via the infrastructure and also on the premises there is enough space for maneuvering and unloading. Then bring your items conveniently and easily (using a free transport aid) to your self-storage box and store it in an ideal storage room.

How to make LAGERBOX from self-storage

free transport aids on site 

So far, so good, that's standard. It is the basic self-storage, but also very comfortable and useful. But if you rent a storage unit from us, you will receive a lot of extras for this basic concept. The original idea from the 1950s has now undergone a lot of improvements. This "evolution" has taken an entirely new step also in Germany and especially in LAGERBOX. We add some seasoning to the successful basic recipe, which turns self-storage into LAGERBOX.

Rent the storage space you need

It starts right from the beginning with the selection of your individual storage space. Of course, we offer storage areas in various sizes in all our locations. Which of these is the most suitable for your purposes, you can decide before you move in. You do not have to rent a storage room that is too big, but it does not have to be one in which you do not get everything. With us, you rent exactly the storage space you need.

find suitable storage space

Find a suitable storage space with the unit calculator

For this purpose, we offer you self-storage in various ways: You can turn directly to our friendly staff in the branch in your area and get personal help.

Or you can do it yourself by using our handy and free unit calculator. We have developed a great tool especially for you, and it helps you to calculate the ideal storage space based on your stored goods. So you only rent as much storage space as you need.

By the way: If you would like to rebook with us during your contract because you need more or less storage space, this is easily possible.
You can come and stay today as long as you want.

Self-storage from one week with an open end

We are similarly flexible in terms of the temporal aspects of our storage units. It starts with the fact that you can use one of the many self-storage facilities on the same day! You can store from a rental period of only one week with us, so as a short-term bridging lack of space, or remain for months and years our customer.

We make self-storage a pleasure

Self-storage is easy and safe

Whatever time you choose to store your belongings safely and securely with us, you can always count on our help. Every self-storage building under our management is staffed by our friendly, knowledgeable staff from morning to night. They can always provide you with good advice and, for example, tell you where to find the free transport aids that will allow you to transport your stored goods on our premises conveniently.

You can enjoy these LAGERBOX advantages with us:

  •  Free van/trailer on the day of your move
  • Free transportation assistance available on-site
  • Online moving shop for practical materials
  • Additional services for private and commercial

You want even more LAGERBOX? Our services:

We want to take a closer look at the last point because it can show in more detail once again how holistically customer-oriented we interpret the concept of self-storage. In addition to the professional storerooms, we also offer you the right services that are directly available at this point. As a user of our offer, these services can be welcome additions and everyday relief for you.

Our extra services:

  • Shelf installation
  • Insurance
  • Daily receipt of goods
  • Mailboxes and package acceptance
  • Parking spaces
  • Moving Tips

Why people use self-storage

Store files at LAGERBOX

 Now you have a very good, detailed picture of how self-storage works and what unique benefits you enjoy when using our self-storage offerings. "Is self-storage something for me?", You may ask yourself. To help you with the answer, we present you some application examples. Why or when do people use our storage units? Maybe you will find yourself among these examples again. And if not, that's no problem either. Our storage spaces are open to just about everything.

  • No new apartment found/apartment not yet finished: a very good and frequent example from the field of private storage. If you do not have a new apartment, even though you have to move out of the old one, it can cause a lot of stress. It's good that in such a case, you can rely on your flexible self-storage provider in your area and store your apartment with us at short notice.
  • Separation / moving-in together / having a baby: Even with family changes often changes the space. In other words, if you split or move in together, there may be a need for additional storage space in both cases. A demand that you can cover with us, even if a new nursery is created and for the previous furnishings must get out.
  • Trade fair and assembly warehouse: If we turn to commercial self-storage, we see two of the typical requirements for storage rooms. Measuring workers and assemblers come from far away and need an external storeroom. It often has to be obtained relatively quickly, be flexibly terminable and accessible on a daily basis. That's exactly how it is with us!
  • Tool store: The same is the case with companies that are working nearby on a construction site. It is better to use a safe, dry storage room that is accessible to you daily before and after work to prevent theft and vandalism of tools and equipment after the end of the shift.

Here you will find even more applicable examples

Store easily, safely and flexibly

If you, too, are convinced of the essential concept self-storage, come to us. With us, storage goes one step further. Due to the LAGERBOX philosophy and our customer-oriented service orientation as Germany's first provider, we make storage for you a more than helpful all-round service.









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