Sustainability at LAGERBOX

Sustainability at LAGERBOX – We care about the environment

We at LAGERBOX are aware of our responsibility for the environment and we have introduced numerous measures to save energy across our company’s locations. In the following, we want to present to you the steps we have already taken and the ones we have scheduled in the future:

Measures already implemented

  • A first step was to refit nearly all our storage facilities with LED lighting. Additionally, the LEDs are controlled by motion detectors so as to only illuminate areas where activity is taking place.
  • We rely on natural ventilation systems instead of power-hungry ventilation systems. They save a lot of energy and spare the environment.
  • All our storage facilities are only heated to the extent necessary to provide our services. By doing so, we save fossil fuels without making any compromises regarding the perfect climate for your storage goods.
  • We continuously monitor our electricity and energy needs to identify elements that could make our facilities even more energy-efficient.

LAGERBOX Bielefeld Dach


Planned measures

  • All our existing facilities will be gradually modernised so as to significantly reduce our energy needs. Rolling doors will be replaced with insulated doors and the facades of our buildings will be renewed as well as out heating systems.
  • All our new buildings will be equipped green roofs and external wall insulation. In doing so, we adhere to the energy efficiency standard 70 of KFW, a German development bank, which is a much higher thermal insulation standard than would be required for a storage facility. This will significantly reduce our heating demands.
  • Furthermore, with all our new projects, we will make sure that the highest possible amount of rainwater can seep off naturally. As a result, only the water that the soil cannot absorb is routed into the sewer system.
  • One of our most important projects is to reach energy self-sufficiency using solar power. Our aim is to equip all our storage facilities with solar electricity systems in the next two years and to make the transition to renewable energy complete.

As you can see, environmental concerns are a top priority at LAGERBOX. We constantly strive to optimise our energy consumption and to save resources. You too can protect the environment by renting the storage room you need at LAGERBOX.






Human resources – people come first at LAGERBOX

We would like to take this opportunity to extent our gratitude to all our great employees. They are the heart and soul of LAGERBOX. Every day, they make a contribution to making LAGERBOX a successful company. To express our appreciation, we try to make different services available that benefit our staff.

Health promotion:

  • Fruit basket: We aim to encourage a healthy and balanced diet among our employees. Our staff therefore has a fruit basket at its disposal every week.
  • JobRad: As an environmentally conscious company, we want to motivate our staff to stop commuting by car and using bikes instead. Through our cooperation with JobRad, a Freiburg-based company, our employees have the opportunity to lease great bikes at a low price. LAGERBOX is funding this with an employer subsidy. By doing so, we are protecting the environment and fostering the health of our staff.
  • Urban Sports Club: Sports play an important role in the lives of many people. For this reason, we encourage our staff to take out an Urban Sports Club subscription. This gives our employees many different sports activities to choose from, ranging from boxing to yoga.







Insurance packages:

At LAGERBOX, every employee receives comprehensive insurance package. This includes:

  • Company pension plan: Every employee receives a company-funded direct insurance pension plan for security in old age.
  • Company healthcare: In addition to the statutory health insurance, which the company contributes to, we fund additional, typical private insurance schemes, e.g., supplementary dental insurance.
  • Accident insurance: Moreover, all our employees have accident insurance. Accident insurance also extends to outside the company.






Advanced training:

Personal and professional development of our staff is of utmost importance to us. For this reason, we provide them with many opportunities:

  • Extensive onboarding : New team members are extensively onboarded when they join LAGRBOX. They all start at our headquarters in Cologne and get to know every individual employee. Our trainers take the new employees under their wing and introduce them to our company culture.
  • Internal workshops/seminars:  We regularly offer seminars for all our locations. We use them to look at issues of our everyday work or by getting new input from external trailers. As an added bonus, our employees meet all their nice colleagues from all over Germany.
  • Advanced training budget: Every employee receives an annual “advanced training budget”, which they can use for training opportunities as they please.
  • Internal development: Since LAGERBOX is a high-growth company, there are constantly new vacancies, which we like to fill with our existing employees first. We foster your career at LAGERBOX.







Corporate benefits:

  • Staff storage units: All our employees can use a LAGERBOX storage unit for their personal items on-site.
  • Corporate benefits: Our employees can take advantage of great discounts from well-known brands. These can be accessed via the “corporate benefits” platform.


Every year, we organise a company outing with staff from all our locations to stimulate exchange and strengthen a sense of community. Our last outing was to Amsterdam and the next one is planned to go to Mallorca. Additionally, we regularly organise community events such as barbecues or our annual Christmas party. People come first at LAGERBOX. Why don’t you become part of our team too?

Sustainability time lineSustainability at LAGERBOX

1997 – 2019

As a matter of course, we have no minimised heating to the amount necessary for providing our services. This has resulted in significant savings of fossil resources. At our three locations in Hanover, we were able to reduce our electricity costs by two thirds through targeted measures. Using the identical measures, we have succeeded in saving almost 33% in electricity costs at Alte Mälzerei, our shopping centre in Dresden. Moreover, we modernised our heating systems there and made the switch to a district heating provider. We have also renewed our heating systems at the locations in Cologne Ossendorf, Münster, Dusseldorf Lierenfeld and in Stuttgart. Most of the roof at the Cologne Ossendorf location has been equipped with solar panels. The locations in Stuttgart and Berlin Hohenschönhausen also have solar systems on the roof. In total and across the country, we now produce 25% of the energy for our facilities ourselves. Of course, we will continue to modernise and push towards reaching our goal of full self-sufficiency over the next few years. Drainage issues are an increasing concern. In Leipzig as well as in Berlin Spandau, we are looking to improve soil drainage by unsealing the premises. We now have green roofs in Dresden Friedrichstadt, Hannover List, and in Berlin Spandau. In future, our goal is to equip all new buildings with a green roof. Our employees are very important to us, and so, in 2009, we started to set up a company pension for every LAGERBOX employee. Between 2017 and 2019, we also took out company health insurance and accident insurance for everyone. A complimentary fruit basket is now also standard at all locations as well as the opportunity of using a JobRad bike. To promote physical fitness, employees are supplied with a free Urban Sports Club membership. During the last few years, we have also focused more and more on advanced training. This not only includes an extensive on-boarding process, but also things like frequent workshops and seminars, advanced training opportunities, and internal training.

2020 – 2022

The location in Berlin Lichtenberg-Marzahn, which opened in April 2020, has a green roof. We have made this the new standard. At the same time, the drainage is located directly on the property and the existing premises is now partially unsealed. Of course, we also installed LED lighting here. Our fifth facility in Berlin, located at Michael-Brückner-Str. 32 in Schöneweide-Köpenick, has a green roof and is also equipped with LED lights. Both at this location and at the location in Lichtenberg-Marzahn, the facades are built according to the standard of a so-called Kfw-70 house and are therefore insulated far better than the required storage facility standard. In Bielefeld, too, our newly built storage facility not only has a green roof but also exactly the same environmentally-friendly features as the two new buildings in Berlin. Our location in Pforzheim, which opened in September 2020, is an existing property that we have converted. Here, too, we replaced the entire heating system and switched the lighting to LEDs, making it much more sustainable. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have placed increased emphasis on a hybrid model with regard to the work performed. Employees are free to decide which days they work in the home office and which days they come to the office. At the same time, we have switched all locations to "Flaschenpost" as a supplier for drinks, so that we only order sustainable glass bottles and ban all plastic bottles from our locations. In Mannheim, we are creating a backwater level for natural seepage in the new building. Both halls are supplied with district heating. In addition, the roof will be greened, as will the façade, and solar is also planned as another sustainable point. Completion is planned for autumn 2022. We were able to install the first heat pump at the new location in Cologne Mülheim. Similar measures are being implemented at the locations in Wuppertal, Gelsenkirchen and Remscheid, which are currently in the project planning phase. At the locations in Berlin Lichtenberg-Marzahn and Berlin Schöneweide-Köpenick, bee colonies will also find a new home on our roofs in addition to the green roofs.

2023 - 2024

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