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LAGERBOX is a provider of self-storage that is represented throughout Germany. We have been active in the market since 1997 and started our business with our first branch in Dusseldorf. Meanwhile, we have not only diligently expanded two branches in the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia but throughout the whole of the republic. That is exactly what we would like to continue to do, and you can even help us!

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Dusseldorf, Rhineland, NRW, Germany

For a long time, we were not satisfied with the second LAGERBOX store in Dusseldorf. After our "hometown" we have also opened up the rest of the Rhineland and now run branches in Krefeld, Leverkusen-Bürrig and the Cologne districts Poll and Ossendorf. But we also left behind the Rhineland at some point and opened up further locations in North Rhine-Westphalia, such as Dortmund, Essen or Münster. Today, many branches operate under the name LAGERBOX in Frankfurt, Hanover or Berlin.

Expansion as a clear target

LAGERBOX on growth course

The LAGERBOX Holding GmbH is growing and thriving so steadily on, and we are of course proud. With our offer, we can offer more and more people in Germany our comfortable, easily accessible and secure self-storage service. Since our customers make ample use of this offer, we see that we are well on our way. Of course, this way should continue, and you can help us!

The country needs more of LAGERBOX

Because LAGERBOX would like to develop further branches, it does not matter if we are already present in the respective city. Even a better coverage of a city in several neighborhoods (as it is already the case in Berlin or Hanover) is entirely worthwhile. But of course, we are always happy when we can open up entirely new cities and regions for us. Hamburg, Munich or Greater Pforzheim-Karlsruhe: Fortunately, we have an excellent network of partners in these areas. But, of course, we could very well imagine getting a foothold here ourselves.

You can help LAGERBOX grow

You can help LAGERBOX grow

It is exactly where you can come into play: you can help LAGERBOX with its further development. How does it work? Do you know attractive vacant lots or are there empty warehouses in your town? As a well-informed broker or if you may give up your own commercial property, you are a potential partner for us!

Please send us your location offers: expansion(at)lagerbox.com

It is not only relevant that the grounds or buildings are empty, but also that they have a good location. Based on the tried and tested LAGERBOX concept, we are focusing our attention primarily on areas that are well connected to the infrastructure. Crucial is a top location, that is conveniently located and therefore easy to reach and is located in a metropolitan area or its vicinity.

LAGERBOX growing: our location criteria

  • Free property
  • Free hall (currently or soon available)
  • The similarity with a warehouse location is an advantage
  • Conveniently located
  • Easy to reach (by car and public transport)
  • Proximity to urban center

How to recommend a location


Wenn Sie einen Standort kennen, der diesen Anforderungen entspricht, sprechen Sie uns bitte an! Wir freuen uns sehr, wenn Sie zu unserem Wachstum Ihren Teil beitragen und unser beliebtes Konzept somit ja dann auch in Ihrer Nähe verfügbar machen!

Cooperating with LAGERBOX - that's how business works

Please note that due to the traceability and the processing procedures, we can only process and accept recommendations that are submitted expansion(at)lagerbox.com by mail.

Also, we do not accept any terms and conditions. Brokerage or commissions for your assistance are always negotiated individually with us.


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