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What goes through your head when you think of Mannheim? The band Söhne Mannheims? Waldhof Mannheim? Many call the city with the 0621 area code their home. At home, you need a place to store your things, which is why LAGERBOX provides a home to all those people that don’t quite have enough space.

Mannheim offers many benefits and sights to see. Located on the rivers Rhine and Neckar, the city is part of Baden-Württemberg and has over 310,000 inhabitants. Its baroque castle from the 18th century is used in many different ways and is home to historic artefacts as well as the University of Mannheim. Because of this, the building is a place where old and young meet and the university is also an important reason why young people move to Mannheim.

LAGERBOX is an excellent option, also for students, to free their new flat or flat-share from old clutter. The city centre has a grid street plan, which is so unique it is called the “Mannheim Quadrants”. The city centre’s central market is home to a historic fountain with statues from the baroque period.

Mannheim’s pedestrian area is also quite unique and called “Planken”. It stretches towards the southeast, home to the romantic water tower in the Friedrichsplatz garden complex, which also has some youthful elements.

The band Söhne Mannheims is indeed a cultural mainstay of the city, so much so they are named after it. A visit to the Carl Benz Stadium, home of the long-standing SV Waldhof Mannheim club, is also definitely worthwhile. Successes of the past are the reason why the third league stadium still has seats for 24,302 football fans.

Find our Mannheim-based location on Hans Thoma Strasse 25, close to Seckenheimer Landstrasse. We took over this facility from a competitor in 2016 and are currently expanding it. Right now, it has 700 storage units as well as parking spaces for a variety of vehicles. The facility has an excellent location in the middle of a business park and can be reached easily by car or truck.

Here are a few of the other perks we offer: When moving in, you can use our free-of-charge* transporter as well as a range of on-site transport aids, which are also free. Don’t worry about security because your storage goods are insured and only accessible using a code. Additionally, there are alarm systems and video surveillance in place.

Our storage facility is open all year and every day between 6am and 11pm and we offer a goods receiving service for our business customers.

Why don’t you pay us a visit in Mannheim. We’re looking forward to meeting you!