Self-storage is an efficient way to easily and safely store various things for a certain period of time. The self-storage offers many people a lot of opportunities to store their stored dry and flexible. We have listed some of these options in the form of use cases for putaway.

No new apartment found

No new apartment found

When changing your apartment, it can happen that you can not find a new apartment in time. Above all, those who have not quit themselves often have difficulty within the notice period to find a new home. Finding a temporary solution for yourself is indeed not as tricky as it is for the institution. Furniture, kitchen, and so forth need from the date of key handover a storeroom. If there are no friends or relatives nearby who have a lot of space left, our offer will suit you very much. With us, you can store your entire household, until you have found the right new apartment for it!

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Tire storage

Motorists have a completely different need for storage space when the tire change is due again. "Between O and O", i.e., Easter and October or vice versa you use the different sets of tires always in alternation. If you do not have all-weather tires, you always have to store the other set of tires in the season. If you do not want to do that in the garage or basement, we call that a good idea. Because tires are not insensitive and their durability and reliability certainly benefit from optimum storage conditions, as they prevail in our storage spaces.

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Separation and moving-in together

Moving-in together is easier with LAGERBOX

Two opposing life situations, one solution: When you split up, usually a partner has to move out of their shared apartment. It often has to go fast, but it also comes down to a lot of household contents, which should be stored at short notice and at the same time safe and easy to reach. Here LAGERBOX offers perfect. The same applies to move in together. Of course, the happier event, but at the same time again space requirements may arise because there is only one apartment for two independent households. No problem, because there are many LAGERBOX branches throughout Germany.

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Store seasonal demand

Seasonal demand can affect both private and commercial storage needs. What you only need a few months a year is part of a decent storeroom. Whatever your seasonal needs, you can use our dry, clean and secure warehouses for storage: easily accessible, with shelving and low-cost, long-term rates.

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Rent tool storage

Commercial customers particularly like to use our service to store sensitive, expensive machines or even tools. They come after a weekday or weekend to store their things. When work is resumed, they can access their storage space early in the morning to take inventory. We do an excellent job so you can do it!

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Store documents and files

Store documents and files

It also applies to an entirely different kind of work: desk work. Less tangible perhaps, but at least as susceptible to cheap storage space. Because there are files and documents in every company that have to be stored for certain periods and, if necessary, made accessible. Here you benefit both our favorable long-term rent and the flexible accessibility of our storage units. Besides, we can offer you as an additional service on the right shelves for your storage space as well as the correct file boxes for your documents.

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