How does self-storage work

How does self-storage work?

You've heard of self-storage before, but still wondering what exactly is involved? Find out from LAGERBOX, the first company for practical self-storage in Germany.

Self-storage is a great idea that has existed for decades and allows people to easily, flexibly and safely store many different things. Also for decades, we have been operating from LAGERBOX on the now huge self-storage market. LAGERBOX is the first and one of the largest self-storage companies in Germany and offers many benefits and convenient storage services. If you are interested in self-storage, we would like to show you below how well self-storage works and which LAGERBOX extras make the success concept even more enjoyable for you.

What is self-storage?

Viele kennen das Bedürfnis nach zusätzlichem Stau- oder Lagerraum. Aber nicht jeder weiß, dass man dies ganz unkompliziert bekommen kann - unter dem Namen Selfstorage. Das ist Englisch und kann mit Selbsteinlagerung übersetzt werden. Hinter dem Begriff steht das Prinzip eines externen Lagerraums, der Ihre eigenen Lagermöglichkeiten erheblich erweitern kann. Je nach Platzbedarf können Sie im Selfstorage unterschiedlich große, leere, saubere und sichere Lagerräume mieten, in denen sich fast alle gängigen Lagergüter aufbewahren lassen.

In our storage units the optimal climatic conditions prevail.

Darum ist Selfstorage eine gute Idee

An dieser grundsätzlichen Beschreibung können Sie schon erahnen, wie praktisch und hilfreich Selfstorage sein kann. Die Selbsteinlagerung kann Ihnen sowohl als kurzfristige Überbrückung dienen als auch für Monate oder Jahre ein sicheres Lager sein, auf das Sie während unserer großzügigen Öffnungszeiten immer Zugriff haben. Die Räume sind aber nicht einfach nur leer stehende Ergänzungen zu Ihrem bestehenden Lagerpotenzial. In unseren Lagerboxen herrschen die optimalen klimatischen Bedingungen, um Lagergut aller Art schonend und auch für lange Zeit adäquat einzulagern.

Which goods are worth storing?


Self-storage is particularly suitable for some stored goods. It is especially true for bulky furniture that is left over when contracting. Also, garden tools, accessories for water sports or tires find an ideal place at LAGERBOX. In addition to these possibilities of private storage, commercial customers are of course welcome. You can also store tools with us, safely stow away merchandise as well as files or documents - and, if you wish, also book a mailbox.

LAGERBOX: This is how simple Selfstorage works

"The very small storage boxes" are also called mailboxes. Of these, however, again to the large warehouses, which you can rent from us. How can you imagine such a day with LAGERBOX? How does practical storage actually work? We describe it in detail, but we can also tell you in advance: Self-storage works best for us.

Finding a provider

Self-storage explained step by step

In principle, the storage takes place according to a typical pattern, which we outline below for you:

  1. Finding a provider on the Internet
  2. Contact the respective location in your area
  3. Selection of the appropriate storage unit
  4. Directions and unit loaded

Selection of the appropriate storage box
So far, so good, but LAGERBOX complements the successful concept of self-storage with many great comfort and service extras that add to our list, especially here. That starts for you even before the actual moving in your storage space, when you receive from us a free transporter for your arrival with us.

Your free transport from LAGERBOX

Free transporter from LAGERBOX

That's how we define perfect customer service! We know that storage can hardly be accomplished without a suitable van. Above all, smaller transports, removals or similar journeys are made for the transporters we can offer our new customers. There are also 30 inclusive kilometers, and you also save yourself the rental fee for the car and the organizational effort that such a vehicle rental can bring with it.

Easy access thanks to optimal transport links

Anything else you would like to bring with you and put in your storage unit, load into the van and make your way to us. We have always selected our nationwide locations with a view to being easily accessible. Most LAGERBOX locations are located on major entry and exit roads and/or highways so that you can travel quickly in all directions. Also, there is often a good connection to public transport.

Lots of space to load and unload


It is a significant advantage, especially for users who visit their storage unit regularly, more frequently or unload something or refit it. There is no question that it is also convenient for every customer to find an easily accessible building with a large driveway and plenty of maneuvering space. Also, the charging stations are generously dimensioned so that you have plenty of space for unloading and picking.

Good to know: At many of our locations, we have set up drive-in areas especially for you. There you can wonderfully load and unload under a canopy. It keeps you and your stored goods dry even in bad weather.

Use our free transport aids

free transport aids

Of course, you do not need to bring your own transport aids for these work steps. Of course, especially commercial customers often have some with them in the transport vehicle. At LAGERBOX we put the customer but shand carts, pallet truck or trolley. They are available for free use at all our locations and are of course available to all our customers.

Purchase low-cost moving materials at LAGERBOX

Besides, we also offer you the service of our relocation shops on site. Every location of LAGERBOX in Germany offers this extra for storage. After all, self-storage also lives on good packaging and storage. That's exactly what we provide in our moving shop all common types of moving boxes, packing blankets for transport and storage, protective films or even tape including the associated dispenser.

Drive up to your storage space with the transport aids.

How to get to your storage unit quickly

Well prepared and loaded on the transport aids, make your way from the cargo bay on the way to the LAGERBOX building. Here we have incorporated many ideas to make your way to your personal storage unit as easy as possible. Besides, many of our buildings are barrier-free, provide elevators to access the upper floors, and are always tidy. So you can advance with the transport aids directly to your storage space and then give everything convenient.

Practical extra service: shelving installation possible

shelf installation

If you need shelves for this, we can serve you with it. Of course, not everything can be put on the ground. Of course, if you store wine, of course, it requires appropriate shelves, where a proper and safe for the bottles storage is guaranteed. For these and other purposes, we are happy to provide you with shelves in your storage unit in advance of your move. We are pleased to adapt to your needs, set up the shelves the way you need them and also change the shelves accordingly.

Practical: the LAGERBOX room calculator. You can rely on us when choosing your optimal storage space. We have developed a tool for you that allows you to calculate the size of your warehouse easily. You enter your stored goods, and the calculator tells you how big your optimal stock is. Alternatively, our friendly staff can help you by phone, e-mail or on-site.

Perfect climate for every stored product

 So far, so good, so comfortable. Now your storage is in the storage unit and enjoys the best storage conditions there. What this means in detail, we explain to you gladly, and we also tell you why so many storerooms such as garages or basements are not really always suitable as a warehouse.

  • Dryness: While this is not or is not permanent in many basement and garages or attics, LAGERBOX does not have too high humidity. Only a dry storeroom is a good storeroom — moisture damages many materials sooner or later, such as paper, fabrics, clothing, but also woods and even metals. We guarantee dryness and avoid foxing, mold, rust, and so forth.
  • Constant temperatures: It is also crucial that stored goods are not exposed to constantly changing temperatures. Such fluctuations are also not conducive to the nature and life of many materials and should, therefore, be prevented. We take this into account by keeping the temperatures in our warehouses at a constant level in the cold winter and even in the heat of the summer.
  • Safety: In addition to these "climatic" conditions, our customers attach great importance to safety. It is not different, and therefore we are happy to clarify at this point how well and safely you store with us. All our buildings are alarm-secured, the corridors are always kept in view through modern video surveillance, and of course, your storage space is lockable. Only you - or persons authorized by you - have access to the storage unit.

Better than attic, basement or garage

Lagerbox is safe

It is one of the differences that differentiates a professional warehouse from other less than optimal solutions. For some storerooms, several people have access, not so with LAGERBOX if you do not want to. But in attics, basements, and garages there are entirely different aspects that are much more critical especially for long-term storage and/or sensitive storage goods.

All the positive qualities that a storage space offers in terms of storage climate are not necessarily guaranteed in other storage spaces. Basements or attics are subject to temperature fluctuations and may also be damp. For garages, there is also a problem of a legal nature.

Garages are not allowed as warehouses

 Because a garage is not generally used as a warehouse, so says the law. Of course, garages are allowed for motor vehicles, that is self-evident. They serve to relieve the public traffic area and should therefore also be used for this reason exclusively for cars or motorcycles. The only thing that can also be stored in the garage are things that are directly related to motor vehicles, such as specific tools, spare wheels or oils and cleaning agents for motor vehicles.

Already from 0,32 Euro per day storage space rent

Legally entirely on the right side, you are at LAGERBOX. Instead, use practical, comfortable storage space from our stock and keep your stored goods dry, safe and comfortable for you.









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