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Lagerbox Holding GmbH

Headquarters Hanauer Landstrasse 314 D-60314 Frankfurt am Main

Telephone: +49 (69) 941 460 101 Fax: +49 (69) 941 460 400

E-Mail: [info (at)] (mailto: Internet: [] (https: // www.

Our imprint notice also applies to all of the Lagerbox Holding GmbH. You always close the rental contract with the local company. Companies belong to parent company of Lagerbox Holding GmbH:

- LAGERBOX Berlin I GmbH & Co. KG
- LAGERBOX Berlin 2 GmbH
- LAGERBOX Berlin 3 GmbH
- LAGERBOX Berlin 4 GmbH
- LAGERBOX Berlin 5 GmbH
- LAGERBOX Bielefeld 1 GmbH
- LAGERBOX Chemnitz GmbH & Co. KG
- LAGERBOX Dresden 1 GmbH
- LAGERBOX Dresden 2 GmbH
- LAGERBOX Dortmund 1 GmbH
- LAGERBOX Dortmund 2 GmbH
- LAGERBOX Düsseldorf 1 GmbH
- LAGERBOX Düsseldorf 2 GmbH
- LAGERBOX Essen 1 GmbH
- LAGERBOX Frankfurt GmbH
- LAGERBOX Hannover 1 GmbH (Standort Hannover List)
- LAGERBOX Hannover 1 GmbH (Standort Hannover Vahrenwald)
- LAGERBOX Hannover 1 GmbH (Standort Hannover Waldhausen)
- LAGERBOX Köln I GmbH & Co. KG
- LAGERBOX Köln II GmbH & Co. KG
- LAGERBOX Vermietung 1 GmbH
- LAGERBOX Leipzig 1 GmbH
- LAGERBOX Leverkusen GmbH
- LAGERBOX Mannheim 1 GmbH
- LAGERBOX Münster 1 GmbH
- LAGERBOX Pforzheim 1 GmbH
- LAGERBOX Stuttgart 1 GmbH

Request for Quotation Please direct inquiries for our products directly to the location of your choice, whose email address, address and telephone number you will find in the menu under Location. Many Thanks!

Authorized Managing Director: Peter Nico Blauw

Commercial register entry Registry court: Amtsgericht Frankfurt am Main Registration number: HRB 112996 - VAT ID No .: DE 225 616 411

Responsible for content according to § 10 paragraph 3 MDStV: Peter Nico Blauw (address as above)

Copyright: Lagerbox copyrights Layout, graphics, images, texts, and contents.


  • Our special offers are subject to availability and are sometimes not available at all locations. The minimum rental period is 2 months, of which 1 month is free - Thus, the minimum rental period of 2 months, only 1 month to pay. Further information is available at our respective [location] (!
  • Submission of a valid student ID required.
  • Our special offers are not combinable with each other (except the free transporter offer and the permanent discount offer) and are only valid as long as they are available. All special offers are only valid for new customers. ** The minimum rental period is 3 months. But you pay only 2 months and get another 15% discount on the monthly rent! Only valid with advance payment. In Berlin Neukölln and Frankfurt this offer is valid only up to a size of 10 m² and in Stuttgart up to 8m². At the end of the 3 months, you pay the regular standard monthly rent. *** The minimum rental period is 3 months, of which you spend only 2 months and receive another 25% on the monthly rental price for 3 months. The rent is due for 3 months immediately in advance. At the end of the 3 months, you pay the regular monthly standard rent.

The FREE Transporter on moving in is always available within the office hours at the location. The return of the transporter must take place up to 30 minutes before office closure, i.e., from Mo.-Fr. until 17:30 and Sat until 15:30. The offers for the promotional prices are only available in advance (depending on the offer 2 or 3 months). An extension or renewed use of the promotion price is excluded. After expiry of the promotional price period, the contract is renewed monthly at the standard rate. The promotion price in Berlin Neukölln is only valid for advance payment for 12 months and contract for 1 year.

With LAGERBOX you get fair prices: If you receive an equivalent offer of another self-storage company in writing, which is cheaper, you get the price with us. The prerequisites for this are that the other self-storage provider is located in the same city, grants you the identical services and is also a member of the Association of German Self-storage-Companies (seal of quality DIN EN 15 696).

  1. Notice period: 7 days for 4 weekly contracts, 14 days for monthly agreements at the end of the rental period
  2. Package - Acceptance: Maximum 2 to 3 packages per week or 1 pallet per week
  3. The access times can be found on our respective Home


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