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Franchising is a corporate concept that you have certainly come to know in many other areas. Fast food restaurants do it that way, drugstores too and in self-storage, this method works from the distribution policy as well. If you, also, want to become part of a large, well-functioning company and participate successfully under its roof, you will become part of the LAGERBOX franchise. We now explain how this works and what advantages LAGERBOX can offer you as a franchisor. Franchising Information

What is franchising?

What is franchising?

First, a short introduction to the subject of franchising. It is about a particular entrepreneurial sales strategy. It is based on both direct and indirect sales and on a partnership between two companies. One company is the franchisor (also the grantor), and the other is the franchise (concessionaire). What the franchisor gives the franchise is the ability to run his business on behalf of an established company. In return, the franchisee pays a fee.

The LAGERBOX franchising offers these advantages:

  • Close cooperation with the self-storage pioneer
  • Location analysis, training, and familiarization
  • They may occur as LAGERBOX
  • Assistance in building your self-storage house
  • Support in advertising & marketing, website creation, search engine optimization

Grow with LAGERBOX

Become a LAGERBOX-partner

These and other potential benefits you will enjoy when you become part of the LAGERBOX franchising. It makes you and your location part of the steadily growing LAGERBOX Group, the first and therefore the most experienced self-storage provider in Germany. Yes, we were first in the market with the excellent concept in Germany and wanted to be the number one too. In addition to the successful LAGERBOX philosophy, this also includes new branches.

England and the Netherlands show how to do

We are striving for success as self-storage companies celebrate in England and the Netherlands. There is the use of self-storage offers up to 10x as high as in Germany. But this is not because the concept of storage is worse here, because this simple and ingenious idea inspires people in all countries. It's because there are a lot more storerooms to give. So we want to give people in smaller cities the opportunity to use the great services in self-storage also for themselves.

Your entry into a future industry

Entry into a future industry

You see, self-storage is comparatively unknown and small in Germany. However, success in neighboring countries shows that the idea has enormous potential for the future. From this, you can conclude that with LAGERBOX franchising you can create your entry into an industry with a future.

Opening up in new cities - that's our way

Construction of Lagerbox branch in Berlin-Spandau

To make this future as successful as possible, we are always looking for new locations for Lagerbox branches, and we are looking for you! After all, a simple new store will not do us any good, not with the location or the local people. Sometimes they are already desperately waiting for new warehouses, but where there is no successful franchisee, the new storage space will be missing. So take your seat in one of our new locations. We are looking for new locations in metropolitan areas, but above all want to open up regions around the smaller cities - approx. 150,000 inhabitants.

We know how to establish new locations

We are happy to entrust you to one of our locations in franchising. And you too can trust us. Our company has existed since 1997. During this time we have successfully built up numerous locations throughout Germany and other countries, and there are regularly more. Maybe one of the nearest LAGERBOX branches is yours. Be part of it, too, if we make the successful concept even more successful here in Germany!


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