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LAGERBOX is a self-storage company, of course. But what else is behind it? We are the first provider of self-storage in Germany and offer the best conditions for storage. Stock goods and customers are in good hands with us!

Allow: LAGERBOX Holding GmbH

Founded in 1997 by Peter N. Blauw, our company, as well as the self-storage industry from the USA, has developed steadily. At LAGERBOX we have developed a special look in the search for new properties, buildings, and franchise partners. Everything has to meet our value requirements for safety, flexibility, and service. In addition to building up a more extensive network of branches, the optimization of services for customers, the reliability of state-of-the-art security technology and damage-free storage are top priorities at every new location — everything to adequately respond to the wishes and requirements of our customers.

First self-storage provider in Germany

Self-storage with LAGERBOX

Self-storage has long been a matter of course in the USA. The storage of things in special and secure storerooms has a long tradition there. Peter N. Blauw has come to know and love the concept and, as a managing partner, is personally guiding the fortunes of the company today. The temporary storage of entire home furnishings, for example, due to a stay abroad and parts of the inventory because of lack of space has prevailed in Germany in the last 20 years. And we were the first self-storage provider in Germany from the beginning - with closed areas of different sizes for every need. In detail: storage space starting at 1 m3. And as demand grows, so does the area at LAGERBOX. That's the flexibility that sets us apart.

Security with a personal touch

Storage options already from 1 m3

Each LAGERBOX branch has an office with LAGERBOX employees. It means for you: Someone has a personal look at your things during office hours. Then you can rely on modern security technology. In addition to the coded access, this includes motion detectors, video surveillance and alarm systems in case of emergency. For us, safety also means that dryness and temperature are kept as constant as possible at all LAGERBOX locations to prevent damage to the stored goods - especially frost damage. We always adapt our technology to the latest state and train our employees in dealing with it. So you can be sure.

Simply more service

free use of vans or trailers

At LAGERBOX we have recognized the importance of good service around the storage area right from the start. Everything to make it easier for you as a customer. The individual LAGERBOX locations offer a personal service package that also includes services from selected partners, such as moving companies that work exclusively with LAGERBOX. The free use of vans or trailers during moving in and the provision of transport aids but is standard in LAGERBOX. And during office hours, your LAGERBOX team will be happy to help and advise you.

Our story, briefly toldSpace Time Travel

1997 - 1999

As the first Self-storage provider in Germany, 1997 launched the LAGERBOX Forerunner „Bernheims mini-Warehouse“ with a warehouse in Düsseldorf. A second branch in Düsseldorf and a branch office in Frankfurt, which led Bernheim under the name „Access“, were founded quickly.

2001 - 2003

Four years after the founding of „Bernheims Mini-Lager“ Managing Director Peter N. Blauw comes to the „LAGERBOX“. This laid the foundation for a nationwide rollout of the business model. But soon the name of the LAGERBOX is established for all kinds of self-storage. LAGERBOX, so also the new company name since 2001, is thus generally a trademark term and is synonymous with self-storage, such as tempo for the paper tissue. Under the branding „LAGERBOX – safe, clean, dry“ is now also a shop for supplies to the German LAGERBOX branches, in which customers can get everything they need around storage and moving. From the classic moving box to book crates, packing blankets and bubble wrap to the on-site service of various transport aids such as sack trucks, trolleys and pallet trucks, everything is available. The locations of Düsseldorf 1 and 2 as well as the branch office in Frankfurt will be expanded. For the first time, archiving of files for a large customer is also carried out.

2005 - 2007

Has so far been „Selfstorage“ only to store furniture, for example for private and business customers, the LAGERBOX is now treading a new dimension in the field of service: on the Frankfurt branch, customers of LAGERBOX can, for example, set mailboxes. Since the middle of 2005, it is in particular the private customers who make use of the offers of a LAGERBOX and recognize the advantages: instead of storing in the garage, the belongings are stored safely, cleanly and dry in the LAGERBOX, you can flexibly adjust your demand for storage space and enjoy a comprehensive service package. With this orientation, LAGERBOX continues its path. A milestone is the purchase of the two Devon locations in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen (today Berlin 1) and Cologne-Ossendorf (now Cologne 1), where customers can now also access the proven LAGERBOX concept. Peter N. Blauw takes over all shares in the LAGERBOX and becomes the sole owner of the LAGERBOX Holding GmbH & Co. KG. As a Managing Partner, Peter N. Blauw is active in the business and plans the rapid extension and expansion of the company for the years 2008 and 2009.

2008 - 2010

In October 2008 opened in Cologne the second location in the district of Poll. Four months after the opening of Cologne 2, the first „LAGERBOX“ is in Leverkusen. Another two months later, the Stuttgart branch was also completed. This makes LAGERBOX the first Selfstorage provider in the region at the Neckar. Peter N. Blauw also treads new paths in Berlin. A second branch is founded in Berlin-Neukölln. For the first time in Germany, a LAGERBOX branch is fulfilled on the third and fifth floor of a former department store. The lower floors of the former Hertie branch create a retail center where Aldi and DM, for example, operate their markets or find a branch of H&M. That means: LAGERBOX is always there, where the customers often come by. The first steps in expansion planning are thus fulfilled. At nine locations, customers now find the proven self-storage concept of LAGERBOX. Demand is increasing and some locations are already too small and are being expanded. For example, Cologne 1 receives a surface extension of 5,000 square meters. Enhancements are also archived in 2010 Cologne 2, Stuttgart, Leverkusen and Düsseldorf. In the following months, Frankfurt/M, Berlin 2 and Düsseldorf 1 and 2 were expanded and some were completely reopened. In Essen, LAGERBOX opens the tenth branch after a major renovation.

2012 - 2014

Meanwhile, it is also being built diligently in Germany. The new location in Leipzig was opened in March 2012. The industry Self storage and the need for flexibility rented storage space is growing rapidly. The search for new objects for the expansion runs at full speed. The service continues to expand to meet all areas of the self storage industry. The delivery acceptance by the employees of the individual branches is a good argument to choose Selfstorage. Especially companies are increasingly convinced of the „Selfstorage concept“ and often store parallel in different locations of LAGERBOX. Sales representatives and field staff are looking forward to the space they have acquired in their own 4 walls. The branch in Düsseldorf 2 moves with all customers to a new and larger building in the Königsberger Strasse. The new object is centrally located and has everything the customer desires. The customers in Chemnitz can now also perceive the wide range of storage possibilities. The old warehouse building at Reichstr.1b is being renovated and converted into a new storage facility for LAGERBOX. Self-storage is now also in Chemnitz. At the end of August, Dortmund will open the 13th location of LAGERBOX and also offer a perfect ambiance for the needed storage space in Dortmund and surroundings. This is where the former Coca Cola site in the Kaiserstr. The Dortmund branch is created. At the end of the year in Krefeld, another branch of LAGERBOX will open and with the project „Self-storage in the midst of a shopping center“, the year 2014 complete. As the oldest supplier in Germany, LAGERBOX strives to offer flexible and convenient storage space in all major metropolitan areas. As announced, LAGERBOX opened the locations Dortmund and Krefeld for a short time in a row. In Dortmund, customers not only have flexible storage rooms available for rent, but also parking spaces for their convertibles, sports cars and caravans. The parking spaces are mainly available in our specially designed underground car park and are therefore well protected from hail, storm and thunderstorms. Your treasure on 4 wheels is important to us and is therefore also parked safe from vandalism and theft with us. Lack of public parking spaces and fear of external damage to your expensive hobby was yesterday. For the people in need of storage in Dortmund there is the possibility pulling into the „Drive in area“ and thus partly drive up to their storage unit to fill it. It was a special moment in Krefeld when former Kaufhof building located super central was rented. This location resembles the principle of the location in Berlin-Neukölln to settle in the midst of and between retail companies. With the two new openings in NRW, the LAGERBOX has shown that the market is there and the trend is towards expansion. More locations for Self Storage with LAGERBOX will surely follow in 2015.

2015 - 2018

In Köln-Ossendorf the branch expands its assortment of storage units. On the main floor about 90 new storage spaces in sizes 1 m3 up to 12.5 m2 were built. With the Drive Inn area, customers can almost always pull directly to their storage room. The potential of self-storage in Cologne is great. Because the housing is becoming increasingly scarce and the rental prices have risen. Rent a storage room, store furniture, archive files or rent a basement replacement is possible flexibly in Cologne-Ossendorf. LAGERBOX is building a new hall at the Berlin-Hohenschönhausen location. At a good 2400 m2, distributed over 2 floors, a total of 325 new storage rooms in sizes 1 m3 to 25 m3 were built. Prior to expansion, utilization was almost the 100% mark. After the expansion, the site is again in a position to offer all storage space in need, whether private or commercial, safe, clean and dry storage units. The boom in Self-storage stops. Further stages of development at the locations of Düsseldorf-Lierenfeld, Leipzig, Dortmund and Köln 2 are in the planning phase. LAGERBOX announces the announcement of 2 new self-storage locations in Dresden and Berlin, which are now under roof and compartment. 2016 a total of 3 locations in Hanover and a location in Mannheim are taken over by competitors. Berlin is built in the district of Treptow/Köpenick on the corner of Sterndamm/Michael Brückner Str. The location is centrally located surrounded by numerous residential areas and newly established companies such as DIY stores and shopping malls. The public transport network is located directly at the new location of LAGERBOX in Berlin. The other site in Dresden will be created at the corner of Hamburger Str. /Bremer Sr. The city center can be reached in only 5 minutes. Here, too, there are numerous residential areas in the vicinity, as well as many companies that have settled in the same attractive location. The Dresden location was completed in August 2018. Thus, LAGERBOX then offers its customers 20 storage houses. With the projects still to be realized in Berlin Spandau, Berlin at Friedrichsfelde, Berlin Treptow/Köpenick, Cologne, Wuppertal, Bielefeld and Dortmund, the number of sites will rise to a total of 27. In November LAGEBOX buy a regional company with name Styff Selfstorage. They have a lot of storagerooms, but LAGERBOX want to build another floor.

2019 - 2020

LAGERBOX opened its doors in Berlin Spandau in January 2019. The facility is located right next to the Haselhorst U-Bahn station and boasts about 1050 storage units across five stories. This also includes a drive-in area that makes sure that our customers stay dry while loading and unloading. Later in 2019, LAGERBOX purchased an existing property in Pforzheim. Additionally, we opened a LAGERBOX facility in Dresden Pieschen in February 2019. Here, our concept combining self-storage with letting out storage boxes is completely integrated into the Alte Mälzerei shopping centre. Due to the tremendous demand in Dresden Pieschen, we kicked off the next expansion phase much sooner than expected. As early as December 2019, we set up 290 additional self-storage boxes that are now available to people looking for a place to store their goods. There are more projects to come in 2020. We plan on opening 5 new storage facilities and additional expansions at many existing sites. We expanded the fifth storey of our self-storage facility in Leverkusen, making available 850m2 of storage space across 181 units in Leverkusen. The whole project was completed in February 2020. At our second Dresden-based facility in the Friedrichstadt district, we also ramped up our storage space. Adding three stories, this LAGERBOX facility now boasts a total of 1,300 storage units. This year’s first new LAGERBOX opening was the Berlin Lichtenberg-Marzahn facility that we opened in April. We built a total of six stories there, including the ground floor. Available sizes range from 1m³ to 25 m2. Once all the expansion stages are completed, the facility in Lichtenberg-Marzahn will offer approx. 1,110 storage units. This fourth storage facility is located on one of Berlin’s busiest streets. Our sites in Berlin Schöneweide-Köpenick, Pforzheim, Bielefeld, and a second facility in Dortmund are currently under construction. All these facilities will open between July and October.

2021 - 2022

The conversion of the Cologne location in Ossendorf will be completed at the beginning of 2021. From now on, many small storage rooms will once again be available for rent. The third location in Cologne will have its groundbreaking ceremony in February 2021. The opening is planned for the second quarter of 2022. A LAGERBOX is also being built in Gelsenkirchen - in the Erle district adjacent to Willy-Brand-Allee, around 800 storage spaces will be created on 2 floors. Completion is scheduled for 2023. In Münster, the first floor has been extended so that the number of storage rooms could be doubled. In addition, the access has also been extended in the sense of a new delivery zone. In August 2021, it is certain that the expansion will also take place in Mannheim. The building application was successful and so another hall for storage will be built on the Hans-Thoma-Str. site. The planning has a good 320 storage rooms on 1,600 m². Completion is planned for quarter 3 in 2022. The second LAGERBOX will open in Dortmund in September 2021. The new property runs self-sufficiently and is located near the Indupark in the Oespel district. A total of 500 storage spaces are available on two floors. LAGERBOX in Cologne Poll takes a big step - the existing property moves to a larger building and a better location at Rolshover Str. 227 in October 2021. The property will henceforth have over 1,000 storage spaces. At the same time, part of the space will be let to a fitness studio. In Pforzheim, it is certain that two more floors will be developed. A total of 321 storage spaces will be created here, making the property fully developed. Shortly before the end of 2021, it is certain that LAGERBOX will soon also be available in Remscheid. The opening is planned for 2023. Almost on time for Christmas, LAGERBOX announces that Essen is also getting another location. The seventh city district or on the Ruhrau, the property with approx. 7,500 to 8,000 m² GFA is being built. Here, too, an opening is scheduled for 2023. In Leipzig, the conversion of the old hall will be completed in March 2022; the special feature is the 24-hour access boxes, which ensure a high degree of flexibility.

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