At LAGERBOX, you can store things that you don’t need at your home or business, or that you don’t currently have room for. By doing so, your belongings are safe and dry in a storage unit tailored to your needs.

Photo shootings at LAGERBOX

There are other ways to use LAGERBOX, even when you’re not renting a storage unit. The range of uses are actually quite diverse. Are you looking for an unusual location for your next photo shoot? Use one of our numerous facilities all over Germany. You can use our main halls and corridors as well as our storage units. Whatever it is, we are completely flexible. All you need to do is bring your own equipment.

We have already had quite a few shoots in the past. You can find pictures of our various facilities as well as the addresses on our website.

Photo Shooting


Video shootings at LAGERBOX

In addition to photo shoots, LAGERBOX also enables you to have video shoots at our facilities. It doesn't matter whether these are professional film or TV shoots or amateur projects. All we ask is that you operate in a professional way and stick to prior arrangements, so that our customers can go around their business. Again, all you have to bring is your own equipment. Whatever you want to shoot, all you have to do is call us at 0221/270 99 432 or write us an email to to see if your plans are actionable. Our friendly staff will gladly help you out. In any case, our large facilities offer enough room for many a great scene and stellar acting.

The same rules we mentioned above also apply to video shoots. After prior arrangement, you can use the main halls as well as the storage units for recording. Our corridors also have some potential for effective scenes.

Video SHooting

Gallery events and other opportunities

If you want to exhibit works from your gallery or private collection, LAGERBOX offers the perfect stage for them. A considerable number of people pass through our facilities every day. With the background staying the same, works of art and paintings stand out even more. All our storage units on one story vary only in size but not in colour. This enables you to perfectly present your exhibits.

Whether photo, video, or art, all you have to do is approach a member of our staff. Contact us any way you like: You can call us or write us an email.

Whatever it is you want to do, ask us about what is possible. If you are planning on hosting event, just check with us if your plan is actionable. With such a great range of possibilities, we are committed to looking into every inquiry and providing you with information on possible requirements.


This also applies to photo and video shoots. However, we cannot guarantee that all plans will work out, but you will receive a quick reply from us in any case.

We are looking forward to your creative plans and to meet you in person at a LAGERBOX facility nearby.









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