LAGERBOX easy comes to Bremen


We premiered earlier this year in Offenbach and have now opened the first branch of LAGERBOX easy.

With that, we launched a new LAGERBOX offshoot that makes self-storage even more convenient. The self-storage concept is fairly similar to that of a ‘normal’ LAGERBOX facility. The only difference is that, at LAGERBOX easy, self-storage basically manages itself. Our LAGERBOX easy branches don’t need employees to keep our operations going.

The most important component of any self-storage concept is and always will be the customer.

Our location in Offenbach was taken over by “Easy Self Storage”, a LAGERBOX competitor. One might think that we got some inspiration for our new concept from unlikely places, however: There are more LAGERBOX easy branches than the one in Offenbach. And we also do self-organised self-storage in other locations. LAGERBOX is currently expanding the LAGERBOX easy concept.

We purchased a new property in Bremen and are planning to set up shop for all our local and regional customers there. Until now, a location in Bremen was nowhere to be found in the LAGERBOX or LAGERBOX easy portfolio. And so we are glad to finally provide the people of Bremen and the surrounding areas with an opportunity to put their belongings into professional storage in Bremen. We will do so using the LAGERBOX easy concept.

The location in Bremen will be a hybrid facility. It will have outdoor garages as well as classic self-storage units, creating a good mix of different storage options for you.

Most importantly: The facility is located on the B6 federal road in Bremen. This means the location is easy to reach for people all over the city, but also accessible for people that don’t have a car.

Self-storage planning

Before the location can open, we still have a lot of planning to do. Completion is scheduled for the second half of 2025. Until then, we have plenty of projects to kick-start and deliver but, luckily, also still plenty of time. The biggest planning point on the agenda is that we want to implement 24-hour access for this facility.

This will enable our customers to access their things whenever they need them, any time of the day or night. The number of storage rooms and outdoor storage units is not yet final. In our effort to always offer the maximum self-storage quality at LAGERBOX, we have not yet decided how many storage boxes and garages we can put in.

Reasons for self-storage

The reasons for self-storage are multi-faceted: The most well-known reason is moving house. Renting a storage unit enables you to put all or parts of your belongings into temporary storage until you’re ready to move into your new apartment. This can be very helpful, especially when your living situation changes.

Let’s say you’re moving into a smaller flat but want to keep most of your things. Here, self-storage gives you an opportunity to rent additional storage space.

Decluttering your home and creating more space is another popular reason to use self-storage. Some things tend to be in use rarely and putting them into storage makes sure they don’t clutter your home. Free yourself from old things and create more space for you to breathe.

If you’re going abroad for a longer time, you don’t want to throw everything away. However, in most cases, it is too expensive to keep on renting your old flat but your things must be stored somewhere. In this case, LAGERBOX is the perfect company to talk to.

Even if you do keep your flat during your stay abroad, letting it out to someone else, for example, it can still make sense to move your things elsewhere. Very expensive items, for example, might be better protected against theft with us.

Both at LAGERBOX and LAGERBOX easy, our security concepts are comprehensive and make sure nothing ever goes missing. Every unit is equipped with a padlock and can only be opened by the respective owner of the items stored there. Moreover, only LAGERBOX customers can enter the facility in the first place.

We have video surveillance, alarm systems, and a security firm on duty. Additionally, everything you put into storage with us is insured. This a tried-and-tested combination that creates safety and trust for our customers.

Back to the reasons for using self-storage. Decorating your flat or house is also a common reason for putting things into storage temporarily using self-storage. Move bulky furniture out of the way and have ample space for moving around while you’re putting paint on walls.

By the way: If you need less or more storage capacity at short notice, changing into a smaller or larger box is very easy.

Nowadays, we think sustainability is also important when using self-storage. This goes in two directions. On the one hand, the concept of self-storage is pretty sustainable from the get-go. Instead of throwing things away, you put them into storage and re-use them later on. This places a higher value on these objects and makes your life more sustainable.

On the other hand, we at LAGERBOX also invest in more sustainability of our company. Our location in Cologne Ossendorf, for example, is completely self-sufficient due to solar panels on the roof.

If you want to learn more and get updates on our storage options in Bremen, follow LAGERBOX and LAGERBOX easy on social media and keep your eyes peeled for our opening, which we will also announce on the LAGERBOX website.

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