LAGERBOX takes over bee sponsorship

Bee sponsorship

We have some exciting news here at LAGERBOX

In our efforts to improve the sustainability of our business, we have further developments to share with you. Read this article to find out what they are exactly and what they have to do with the favourite animal of the fans of Dortmund.

Those of you who have been following the developments here at LAGERBOX know that we now have bee colonies on the roofs of our facilities in Dresden Friedrichstadt and Berlin Schöneweide-Köpenick. Although some people might feel bothered by them now and again, they are hard-working animals and important members of the natural food chain.

And bees do more than just produce honey. Bees make significant contributions to the preservation of many wild and cultivated plants. Their ecological importance is remarkable. Bees are among the most important pollinators all across the world. The equivalent value of their annual pollination service is around $265 billion worldwide.

Bees are essential for the sustainability of resources that we humans depend on. Since LAGERBOX already has bees on some of our roofs, we thought it was time to go the next step and contribute further to improve sustainability. First and foremost, we want to raise awareness. However, there are other great benefits that are much more than just symbolic. Read on to find out what they are.

LAGERBOX will now take over bee sponsorships at our facilities in Dresden Friedrichstadt and Berlin Schöneweide-Köpenick. This means that the bees not only live and work on the roofs of LAGERBOX but are now official residents and members of LAGERBOX. By the way: If you are afraid of bees and have never been to one of your facilities, don’t worry. The roofs are very high and you probably won’t meet any of them.

What does this sponsorship mean?

Firstly, the sponsorship is something amazing that we at LAGERBOX are incredibly proud of. It’s not every day that you become a bee sponsor and it’s definitely not something every company does. LAGERBOX receives 80 glasses of honey every year for every location.

This means that every member of the LAGERBOX staff will take home one glass of honey made by our diligent little helpers. Since we only have about 100 employees, we at LAGERBOX had to think of what to do with all the remaining glasses of honey.

We think there is only one real solution: donating them to charity. This decision is aligned with the LAGERBOX values and was therefore an easy one to make. We haven’t quite made up our minds about potential institutions to donate to. The decision is yet to be made, but we are leaning towards charitable organisations working with children or children’s homes. Young people are close to hearts and this seemed like the best thing to do.

The big news

Sustainability is an issue that plays a very important role in the self-storage industry as a whole. When people store their things with us at LAGERBOX, they do so because they have very little space or no current use for certain things in their own four walls.

By deciding to rent a storage unit, these people make a conscious decision for more sustainability instead of mindlessly throwing things away. When you put things into storage, you can re-use them later, which is a great alternative to buying more and more new things. Many trees are felled to produce furniture and so it is only logical to use it for as long as possible.

Indeed, furniture is one of the most common items put into storage at LAGERBOX. Sustainability is engrained into the business model of the self-storage industry. This is clear.

Seeing as this is the case, we could just kick back and decide that our industry is already sustainable enough and we don’t need to implement any more changes.

But LAGERBOX doesn’t believe in this. Take our facility in Cologne Ossendorf. This storage facility is completely self-sufficient thanks to the solar energy it produces using the panels on its roof.

But let’s get back to the big news we promised: Bee sponsorships will not be the only bee-related experience here at LAGERBOX. We are now planning to provide space for bee colonies at many further locations. However, before we can do this, we have to install another very important thing first.

Step by step in the near future, we will equip the majority of LAGERBOX facilities with solar panels to become even more sustainable. This is a huge step in the history of this company. These facilities will then produce their own electricity, which is not taken for granted for a company this size. By implementing these changes, we are taking another huge step to prioritising sustainability.

Doing so is a perfect match for the values of LAGERBOX and we are all very proud of our achievement and pioneering role. If more companies would implement these changes, the impact on the environment would be hugely positive.

Before we forget: Once we’re done equipping our roofs with solar panels, the bees will come into play. For organisational reasons, the bee colonies can only move onto our roofs after the solar panels have been put there. Once it is all done, the roofs will become a paradise for green thumbs.

LAGERBOX is very excited about many more bees and solar panels on our roofs in the future.

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