LAGERBOX easy comes to Arnsberg

LAGERBOX easy Arnsberg

There is a whole cosmos around our newly developed brand LAGERBOX easy that is much more than just storage facilities with self-storage units for your belongings. LAGERBOX and LAGERBOX easy are always working on developing interesting new business concepts.

Now, LAGERBOX easy has bought a new property in Arnsberg. At Sauerlandstrasse 52, to be specific. We did so because we have a plan: Develop and sell 12 business properties for the benefit of our customers.

On a premises covering an area of 130 square metres, you could soon move into your new company headquarters in Arnsberg. You can purchase one of the 12 available properties starting at 209,000 euros, set in modern commercial and storage warehouse facilities.

You will receive a separate land register entry and a notarised contract of sale, giving you peace of mind and putting the property firmly in your hands. These facilities are entirely new and still under construction but will be completed soon. The sketches give you an idea of what the buildings will look like after completion.

All the buildings are based on a solid structural steel design, have standard electrical installations, and separate sanitary facilities. They can be expanded and equipped according to any wishes and ideas you might have.

The buildings are equipped with high-voltage installations, wheelchair-friendly access, and parking. The entire parking lot is fenced and is fitted with electronic access control and 24-7 video surveillance.

The self-storage part

In addition, we will create 57 extra-large garages on the premises. There are two available sizes. The first type is a bit larger, at 29 square metres, and the second type is 19 square metres large.

In total, the garages boast an area of 1,378 square metres. Being a business park, the area is largely frequented by small and medium-sized businesses and tradespeople. In addition to these properties, the premises will also boast about 200 classic storage units that will be made available based on the LAGERBOX easy self-storage concept.

In sum: we will offer almost 1000 square metres of additional self-storage space.

Construction start is just around the corner. We will start in November 2023. Once we start, it won’t take long until completion, scheduled for the third quarter of 2024.

The partner

However, LAGERBOX easy is not working on this project alone. We have a powerful partner at our side, who will support LAGERBOX easy in this endeavour. It’s Raumia. Raum is the German word for space and that’s exactly what they offer. Raumia is a project developer in the self-storage sector.

Raumia customers benefit from their high-quality self-storage units, state-of-the-art security technology, and around-the-clock access.

Moreover, their self-storage facilities are air-conditioned, enabling customers to store even sensitive items there. Thanks to their drive-up concept, most of their units can be accessed directly by car, facilitating hassle-free loading and unloading.

Raumia offers all services related to this concept, development and construction of drive-up self-storage parks as well as the corresponding services from a single source. Raumia also sells self-storage units as an investment.

The facility is located next to the gateway to Sauerland. Sauerlandstrasse is ideally located, directly on the A46 motorway between Menden and Kassel. The towns Hagen, Schwerte, and Meschede are all in the direct vicinity.

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