store due to seperation

store after seperation

A separation is indeed a sad event, but at least we are there for you. At least during this challenging time, we make a little relief by providing you with storage space for your belongings because the separation in the partnership is usually accompanied by spatial separation. One of the partners leaves the common four walls and takes his part of the household with him.

Where to go with the furniture after the breakup?

Where to go with the furniture after the breakup?

Many are wondering where to go - not only with themselves but also with the furnishings. It is about finding space quickly, but not always do friends and relatives have enough room and space to store the furniture (2306). So it is even better if you have a new partner regarding storage after the partnership. LAGERBOX is also there for you at short notice and offers you the right storage space for your furnishings.

Get out quickly and store furniture

We can see, that you want to move out quickly right after the breakup. Not only do we understand that, but we also have the necessary flexibility. With us, it is entirely possible to book a storage space today. If you still have time until tomorrow, we can quickly set you up with a Free Moving Van for your move. You see, we are here for you in this challenging phase!

With us you get the space you need

You can still rent a storage space today

In addition to the temporal flexibility, we also have spatial adaptability. You can book with us from 1 m³ storage unit, so really a mini-warehouse. The largest storage units have around 30 m², and if you need more, we will just provide you with several storage units. How much storage space you need exactly, just calculate with our practical unit calculator. There you simply enter what you want to store, and the tool will tell you the optimal storage space. Our friendly on-site staff can help you with this, or you can contact us via email or phone to determine the required storage space.

Important: Our storage rooms are clean, dry and safe. It means that even delicate goods are optimally stored at LAGERBOX!

Rent storage space from 0,32 Euro/day

Even if we are short-term and very flexible, the prices do not increase at the same time. On the contrary: LAGERBOX is a cheap, fair and transparent supplier. With us, you can rent storage space from 9,95 Euro per month. That corresponds to a daily price of only 32 cents per day!

Moving materials and transport aids on site

We also take care of everything else, especially concerning the simple, comfortable move. Drive with your provided by us transporter free of charge at LAGERBOX and load it comfortably. Our transport aids, which our customers can use for free at any time, will help you with this. Also, Moving Materials can be purchased directly from LAGERBOX on site and at wholesale price. For moving boxes, blankets or carpet knives is also taken care of!

Set up a mailbox at LAGERBOX

For separations, simply store the furniture in LAGERBOX

If it requires separation, you can also have your mail sent to us first. Also, we offer the popular service of mailboxes in all locations. The advantages are clear: they are independent of the typical sequence of messengers and tend to get your mail earlier. Besides, you do not have to specify the address that you no longer have. And you do not have to go to the old home to pick up your mail.









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