self storage when moving together

self-storage when moving together

Of course, if two people are a couple and decide to share the living space, that, of course, is a reason to congratulate them. But right at the beginning of the new coexistence, a problem arises as if by itself: As a moving-in couple, you have two households - two couches, two beds, two refrigerators, and so on. Since the first shared apartment can quickly get very crowded and there are in principle only two solutions: You have to part with the dear - that means bulky waste - or something has to be stored.

Store entire households at LAGERBOX

More room for love

That's exactly what you can do with LAGERBOX! We are one of the leading providers of self-storage in Germany and represented in many cities with our branches. You are welcome to plan with us if you want to move in and store something. Our storage spaces are available in adjustable sizes; they are clean, dry and of course safe. You can easily schedule your tour on your move day and store your furniture or even a whole apartment.

Free moving van from LAGERBOX

Thanks to LAGERBOX, you can also delete a point on your moving checklist: the moving van. That's what you get on the day you move in at LAGERBOX for free! It saves you some trouble in the stressful moving planning because you do not have to book the car, pick it up at car rental, give it back in time or refuel. You also save cash! At least 100 Euro you can invest elsewhere because the rental costs are no longer for LAGERBOX new customers!

All double and triple - except living space

Everything double - except living space

LAGERBOX gives you what you lack in the new shared apartment: space. Of course, it does not make sense to hoard everything twice or three times at home. Above all, things like coffee machines, wardrobes or large furniture do not need to be repeated as a newly contracted couple. There is probably no room for that, because while you have many things in terms of furnishing a double or multiple, the living space usually does not multiply so much. Before everything stacks up, instead outsource something from the apartment and store with us.

When the furnishings create a bad mood

It could also be a good idea if the mood worsens due to some furnishings. Not always knows the partner or the partner with his or her stuff to convince immediately. It can happen that one has to remove cherished furniture or accessories for the sake of love and for the sake of peace.

When self-storage when moving in together?

Self-storage when moving in together

Especially in such cases, it is worthwhile to examine the inventories best before move in together. Of course, you can also store them spontaneously with LAGERBOX. But especially when the time together in an apartment is a settled thing, you can already vote as a couple, what it creates in the new apartment and which parts should move into a storage space.

Attention: move twice

The advantage is obvious: you do not first move everything into the new apartment, then realize that it is way too small for two households and then have to provide space. Then you move twice, and that's something everyone would rather spare. Therefore, it is better to look before moving through the furnishing of the other, with which you can live in the truest sense and what you would rather not have around. The tastes are different, even if you like it very much.









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