store during renovation

Store at renovation

Sometimes old braids need to be cut off, as well as the furnishings. In a renovation, it is best if you have plenty of room to work. The best is an empty room where nothing stands in the way, so you can work in peace and reasonable. But where to go with the equipment from the inventory? LAGERBOX would have an idea: You can store for renovation and make the room in question so pleasantly empty and accessible. So nothing stands in the way of the successful improvement.

Rent storage space as long as you want

More space for renovation

The storage space that you rent from us, however, you can stock up with the inventory from the room you are renovating. Our warehouse is your perfect temporary solution for the period of renovation. If the decision to restore has been made, you can contact us spontaneously and, if required, obtain your storage space on the same day. Your facility then remains there for as long as you need vacant space in your living room or office room (or even in several rooms).

Everything is stored dry and clean

If you set up and store furniture with us, you can count on the LAGERBOX promise. Our storage units score reliably due to drought. It is also very important because many stored goods do not like moisture at all. Especially furniture, fabrics or even files and books are very sensitive to moisture. We know that and exclude this risk factor in the truest sense. The same applies to dirt. Your personal storage unit will be handed over to you well cleaned. No dirt, no dust, no annoying tenants. It must be a modern, sustainable storage space.

An extra room comes as requested

An extra room comes as requested

We have not mentioned how practical it is to have extra storage space. Especially in a situation in which space and room are scarce because of the renovation, a storage unit can provide you with enormous relief. Storing in a completely separate building makes the improvement much easier than just putting everything aside. So there would always be something in the way, and if you put all the inventory in another room, it will be almost unusable and impassable.

LAGERBOX is flexibly bookable

More space for ideas

If you notice this in hindsight, so you realize that you better want to rent a storage space, this is also quite spontaneous with us. With a day's advance, you can even get a free van on the day of your move! You can download your inventory, drive to the LAGERBOX in your area and load everything conveniently from us. We have notice periods from one week so that you can count on short-term deposits with us!

Practical moving aids

LAGERBOX makes renovation easier

On-site you can expect a lot of comfort at LAGERBOX. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with all the essential information. If you want to buy moving materials, such as blankets, foils or tape, you can do that at any of our stores at wholesale prices. Also, we provide all our customers with practical transport aids such as pallet trucks or handcarts for order picking and storage.

Rent storage space from 0,32 Euro/day

As you can see, we make it easy for you to store and your stored goods are in good hands with us. The complete package for you and your inventory is available from LAGERBOX from just € 0,32 per day! For this, you get professional, safe storage that is much better for the proper storage of your items than garages or basements.









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