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Store books - How to do it right

You do not throw books away. But if the library is bursting at the seams, you need a good storage place for them. We have the best: a Lagerbox. They are dry and well tempered and, you can get the proper book boxes as well!

If you want to store books properly, you have the ideal conditions with and with LAGERBOX. We offer you the opportunity to set up your own book storeroom in a flexible self-storage system for you. In this context, LAGERBOX offers many convenient services and the ability to book your own external bookstore exactly as you need it. It includes both the size of your bookstore and the desired period. At the same time, you can be sure that you store your books in a perfect location.

The right storage conditions for sensitive books.

Why outsource books?

Store books properly

Many people accumulate a variety of books in their lives, creating a true private library. Such users, but of course also commercial customers are in good hands with LAGERBOX. If you want to store some of your books outside your own home or business, then you've come to the right place. It is especially the case because our storage units offer the appropriate storage conditions for sensitive books.

How to store books properly

Storing books is not the seven-sealed book, but you also have to pay attention to keeping the literary works in their camp permanently in the same condition in which they were stored. For this to happen, you have to know a few things about books and then implement this knowledge in the form of an adequate bookstore. Let's start with the knowledge in this article and then move on to implementation.

How books age and what harms them

How books age and what harms them

Paper is vulnerable to various environmental influences. These, in addition to the natural "aging process", will cause the condition of your books to deteriorate. But you can prevent or at least reduce both.

Why some books turn yellow faster

Why some books turn yellow

If you always have a good eye on your book inventory, you have certainly noticed that some books are subject to the notorious yellowing faster than others. Of course, books are mainly made of paper, but which paper and what does it consist of? Here lies the difference in the earlier yellowing. Older books have been added to the manufacture of cellulose still acidic chemicals that can act decomposing on paper under UV influence. These are now prohibited by DIN ISO 9706 so that newer books last longer.

Prevent sunlight

Prevent sunlight

However, you can neglect this point if you prevent direct sunlight. If you store your books in the shade, you simply avoid the direct UV radiation and thus the resulting process of yellowing from the outset. Also, a cabinet with doors is beneficial to this effect. If you store your books at LAGERBOX, however, you will have this positive effect either way because our storerooms are not bright most of the time. In your book storeroom, it only gets light when you personally turn on the light in it.

Books do not like moisture

Another important aspect of the correct storage of books is also the climate. Because of course, one can almost imagine it, books do not like moisture. On the contrary, they desperately need it completely dry. Otherwise, moisture can damage the paper pages, mold and mildew can form. For example, most garages or even basements and attics as storerooms fall out of the grid immediately because uneven temperatures and humidity prevail here. The durability of the books is not taken care of there.

Very important: store books dry

Preferably store your books where not only the light conditions benefit, but where the overall climate for book storage is optimal. When storing books, a humidity of up to 60% is generally recommended as the maximum. We also have a good value, so your books are stored dry. Last but not least, this ensures a consistently cool temperature in our storage rooms, which ensures a consistently dry indoor climate.

Did you know? High temperatures not only attract insects but also make the book glue brittle. 

Store books dry

Some love to books “to bite”

Also, an important factor when storing your books in the basement or the garage is pests. You're probably living there with your books, but that's not all: many pests also consider books as a food source! Certain types of lice, moths, silverfish or even various larvae feed on the natural product book. You recognize this, for example, directly at the cut of the book. White or light brown traces then show similar symptoms on the affected books.

Protecting books from pests

Pests in books can be prevented naturally. With lavender from the drugstore, you avoid clothes moths. Ginkgo also leaves generally help against books pests. At LAGERBOX, however, you can only take such measures as the icing on the cake. Because when your books are stored at LAGERBOX, it happens in a windowless room. Here is a perfect climatic atmosphere for the book storage, but not for pests. So you have very little access to your bookstore and, if in doubt, you will be looking elsewhere for food.

Pests in books can be prevented in a natural way

Store valuable books

Especially for valuable books, a good storeroom is very important. Unimaginable that such a book will yellow by sunlight or be eaten by lice. Here the question does not arise at all, where such books are stored, real book connoisseurs also know the optimal conditions for gentle and even safe book storage — a point that also comes into play with LAGERBOX. If you store your books with us, you can be sure that your books are in good hands.

The 3 pillars of safety at LAGERBOX:

  • Only you have access to your storage box
  • Our buildings are alarm-protected
  • Alarms in the speakers at some locations
  • The corridors are video-monitored

Books that have not only an ideal but also a simply monetary value, also need a good bookstore. In addition to the perfect storage climate, there naturally also belongs to a high safety standard, as you will find in LAGERBOX. Come to LAGERBOX near you and convince yourself of our security concept.

Store books - 3 more important tips

  • The right bookshelf: It is good if you store your books on cured, untreated wood. Cedarwood is even better because the smell is additional pest protection. Also, pay attention to variable shelves to accommodate different book sizes. The rack should have room a few inches above the floor. Even a few centimeters away from the wall can not hurt, as this promotes air circulation. The best is a bookcase with lockable doors.
  • Sorting books on the shelf: Place books of the same size on the shelf. But do not put them so close to each other that they forgive each other. By the way, they also do that when they are standing diagonally for a long time - to avoid that if possible. When lying down, always put the big and heavy books down.
  • Dusting books regularly: Visit your books regularly to dust them and the shelves. Soft brushes are well suited for this. Pinch the book firmly to avoid pushing the dust between the pages.
By the way: If you store your books at LAGERBOX so long that you have to dust them off, you can count on our special long-term storage rates. Talk to us on your next visit!








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