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    Rent a container at LAGERBOX

    When you rent a container, it is certainly good for a large scale move overseas. But for storage though, we know something much better. And so, do you: LAGERBOX.

    If you want to rent a container to ship things or to store construction site supplies or many other things, that's certainly a good idea. The storage container provides secure storage, a reliably lockable door and mobility for the items stored therein. However, if you do not care so much about storing things for transport, but you are looking for a safe, flexible warehouse with climatically optimal storage conditions, you are in better hands with us. We will tell you where your advantages lie when you rent one of our storage units instead of a container.

    Container storage - these benefits await you

    Container storage

    If you want to store something, many different options are available. As varied as the stored goods, so many are almost the possibilities to accommodate this. One of these options is called "rent container". You will receive a generously dimensioned metal box that offers plenty of space for all kinds of things, is securely lockable and mobile. This is probably the most significant advantage when you rent a container, and this type of storage space is particularly well-suited for portable storage, such as construction companies, to ship cargo, or to move overseas.

    This could be missing if you rent a container

    This could be missing if you rent a container

    So far so good. But what if you do not run a construction company, do not want to ship anything or move overseas but are looking for a flexible, safe and clean storage space? Then you should not rent a container, but open your storeroom with us. A large-capacity container does not offer you, with all its undoubted advantages, some advantages that a storage unit can provide you with:

    • Secure units
    • Video-controlled aisles
    • Optimum temperature in the storage space
    • Safe against moisture
    • Only you have access
    Tip: We can also offer you the extra service of accepting goods. Ask our friendly staff locally about it.

    LAGERBOX offers you so many advantages

    LAGERBOX offers some advantages over containers

    First and foremost, these are the benefits you will get when you rent a self-storage unit instead of a container. By integrating our deposits into a building, you and your stored goods also enjoy the security that such accommodation entails. Thanks to modern security technology, we also ensure that our storage areas and ultimately your stored items are always under supervision.

    Perfect climatic conditions in our storage units

    Within our storage facilities, there are optimal climatic conditions to store virtually everything-even over a long, and you still get everything back as you stored it.

    Essential for this are constantly constant temperatures, by which in turn moisture is prevented. If you rent a container, it can get very hot or cold depending on the outside temperature. That does not forgive any stored goods so fast. Protect what you want to store and put in a dark, cool and dry storeroom.

    Unsere Lagerräume sind zwar nicht mobil, dafür aber umso flexibler!

    At LAGERBOX, store in a dark and dry place

    Rent at LAGERBOX and store flexibly

    But in addition to an optimal storage climate and around safety concept, we offer you even more: You can always rent storage space from us at short notice. Although our units are not mobile, they are all the more flexible! Within a short time, you can book your individual storage space, book it for as long as you like, and finally enjoy our short notice periods. The optimal storage rooms, safe, clean, flexible - you can not rent such advantages in any container!

    • Dry, clean, dark and cool
    • Check in at short notice
    • Book as long as necessary
    • Special fares for long-term bookings
    • Short notice periods

    How much storage space should I rent?

    How much storage space should I rent?

    In addition: If you rent a container, you are limited to the standardized areas and sizes. With us, the storage space rent is much better scalable. That means you rent as much storage space as you need. We also offer a handy tool to help you determine your storage space and space requirements. The Unit Calculator is easy to use, free of charge and without obligation.

    You can also call us, send us an e-mail with photos of your goods or visit us for individual consultation on site.

    Free transport, easily accessible, goods acceptance

    On the day of your move you can get a free van from us

    If you decide for us, you can immediately look forward to a special LAGERBOX service: On the day of your move in, you can get a free van with us, with which you can bring your stored goods to us. On-site we help with our likewise free transport aids, which you are welcome to share. Also, a moving shop with practical utensils is connected to our branches. Of course, you may also like to equip your personal storage unit with shelves and similar storage furniture. On-site, our staff can assist you with the receipt of goods, and you will be informed of incoming products by e-mail, so you do not even have to be there.


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