Family is having a baby

Family is having a baby

The family is having a baby, what could be better? It is important now to provide the new earthlings own room. Of course, the little ones sleep at first with their parents, but their own nursery has to be. It means for one of your rooms, it has a new destination, and the old stuff has to go out. But where? We tell you: to LAGERBOX!

Rent flexible storage space

What is franchising 

We are the leading provider of self-storage in Germany and have branches in many major German cities. If a self-storage warehouse by LAGERBOX is available in your area, you will solve the furniture problem simply, flexibly and safely. With us, you can store your furniture in a space that meets your space requirements, which is dry, clean and safe. Also, we are there for you at short notice. You can get a storage room with us within a few hours and if you do not need it anymore, our short notice periods will be yours.

Store dry, clean and secure

Family is having a baby

Even if you do not need the furniture at the moment, that does not mean that it will always stay that way. There is no harmful moisture in your personal storage box, it is clean, and everything is stored safely behind a lockable gate. So, if you're renting a storage space from us, you can count on getting all of your inventory back in the same condition in which you stored it.

Storage space, as long as you want

It also applies to long rental periods, and just here we can accommodate you priced. Talk to our friendly staff on site also on discounted fares for long-term bookers. For example, you could now store the entire room and if the family moved to a larger domicile with more rooms, bring the former room back into the house. But even if you need self-storage only as a temporary solution, we are the optimal contact for you!

What has to move for the nursery

Children need space 

Especially for your furniture, which now has to be cleared for the nursery, that's good news. When expecting a baby, this is accompanied by some vast changes. Often, in such a situation, a hobby room, an office, or a guest room can be found. All rooms in which there was a need for care furniture, decorative items, and accessories and that might not be optimally stored in a basement or the attic.

Did you know? It is not allowed to put simply everything in the garage. The garage is to relieve the public parking space and serves only for motor vehicles and everything that belongs directly to it, as a storeroom. Using the garage as a storage room can result in fines of up to € 500.

Many practical moving aids on site

Then a rather safe, dry and entirely legally compliant store, right? In addition to an optimal warehouse, we also offer everything that makes the moving life easier. With LAGERBOX on site, you can use free of charge moving equipment such as handcarts or pallet trucks. Everything else you need - such as moving boxes, packaging film or moving blankets - you can buy directly from us at the lower supplier price. On request, we can also set up your storage space before you arrive and set up the right shelves.

You see, when your family is having a baby, you are in good hands in the LAGERBOX family and that already from 0,32 Euro per day!









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