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Storage-garage - How well does self-storage here really work?

The garage - it is such a close and convenient storage space, but only for the car and its accessories. The legislature says that the garage is not suitable for everything else. Fines may be possible! Better come to LAGERBOX and do it right - and correctly.

With a garage, life is so much easier. You do not have to look for long parking spaces, have a secure shelter for your car and if you want, you can also use the garage as a storage room - right? Maybe not as much as you wish because the garage as a storage room is a much more sensitive issue, as many tenants or owners of garages initially think. If you want to store things in the garage, it is indeed connected with many conditions and rules. The most important information for you in advance: Using the garage as a real storage room is not allowed. There you are better advised with our storage units and also legally on the safe side. Also, the aspects of durability and security, because you do your stored items a great favor if you use a designated storage space instead of a garage.

The garage is not a second garden shed or additional basement.

Self-storage in the garage is largely prohibited

Self storage in the garage is prohibited

If you have ever driven through a tranquil residential area or even live in such a living, you know the picture: The garage is likely and often used as a storage space. People operate their own self-storage in the extra practical room, which replaces the basement or attic, or adds additional storage space. Not infrequently you will find the bikes of the whole family, garden furniture, empties or barbecue utensils. That is not allowed. The garage is not a second garden shed or additional basement, where you can accommodate everything, what you can not use anywhere else or want to see, so it is the case law.

Not everything can be stored. Talk to our competent staff on this topic.

The garage as a storage room: That's allowed

The garage as storage room

Legally, the garage is a shelter for motor vehicles, i.e., for cars or motorcycles, which may only be used within reasonable limits. That means: In the garage, the car should find space to relieve the public roads or the parking space and, of course, to protect the car from theft and the weather - not least because of a garage so synonymous for lower contributions to the car Insurance. Also, also several things in the garage, which belong to everyday life with the car:

  • Tires
  • Cleaning and care products
  • Tools and spare parts for the car
  • Oil cans
  • Replacement canisters
  • Cabinets and shelves for storing such items (closed garages only)

Almost everything that the car needs is allowed and that can be stored in the garage. Even motorcycles, mopeds or scooters and even bicycles may be stored in your garage.

These things may not be stored in the garage

do not store moving boxes in the garage

That such things as tools or tires have to do directly with the car and therefore can be stored well in the garage, also sees the law. But what you do not want to see is a misuse of the garage to a real storage room. The garage is full to the roof, while the car, unfortunately, has to stay outside - the perfect example of a disused garage.

Make it better. Examples of things that by law may not be stored in the garage:

  • Furniture
  • Garden furniture
  • Garden tools
  • Empty boxes
  • Paddling pool
  • Rubber boats
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Bulky waste
  • Packing boxes
  • Storage furniture not used for motor vehicles
  • Explosives
Tip: Read more about [storing furniture] here (2306).

This list could indeed be continued. Nevertheless, the classification of things for which the garage is not regarded as a suitable storage space, actually well understood. The rule of thumb is:

What belongs directly to the car also belongs in the garage. Everything else is not.

Following this, the second principle in principle offers the following conclusion: The garage is no room for self-storage. For these purposes, we would recommend you to rent a cheap storage box from us. This is how you skilfully go out of the way of prohibitions and thus also preserve the durability of the stored objects.

Attention: moisture, dirt and animals in the garage!

Because the garage is not well suited as a storage room either way, above all, a garage can harm wood, furniture, and fabrics badly. The garage is exposed to the weather conditions, and it can be exposed permanently to moisture. What initially does not matter much to the car or the tires, can cause considerable damage to couches, office utensils or sensitive furniture. There are also possible consequences of pollution, insects and small animals in the garage.

Rent a garage

Better professional self-storage instead of garage

You do not have to worry about renting a professional storage space at LAGERBOX. Instead of the moisture in the garage, you have the following advantages:

  1. Dryness: The perfect storage for things like furniture, clothing, fabrics or even cartons is of course dry. Protect your items from moisture, mold, and dirt by renting a well-maintained, well-conditioned storage unit.
  2. Flexibility: You have access to your rental storage space almost at any time. During our business hours, you can always fill your very own storage unit with new things or take something out.
  3. Safety: And only you can do that! At LAGERBOX, your items are safely stored, and our premises are video-monitored. Also, you can take out additional insurance with us, without any bureaucratic hurdles.
  4. Simplicity: The whole process turns out to be that easy anyway if you rent the replacement for your garage from us. With us, it is fast, uncomplicated and short-term. You can rent your storage room as long as you like, or leave it within a short notice period.

Storeroom Garage: This is a neighborhood dispute

Otherwise, you can make it easy if you rent a dedicated storage room instead of storing everything in your garage. When you open your garage door, attentive neighbors will not miss what comes to light. If then the eye of the beholder falls on a well-filled furniture store or the well-stocked hobby workshop, there could be trouble. For if a neighbor may have a bad day or you are not well-disposed, the public registry may inspect your garage, and then fines and warnings of up to 500 € threaten.

What to store in the garage? The landlord says so

Conversation with the landlord

Because the clear rules, which rule around the "storage room garage", make the excessive storage of unapproved objects to an administrative offense. It also applies to garage owners and especially for tenants of garages, because of course, the respective landlord has a say. Here you can see at least unpleasant discussions, but also rent increases or even a forced eviction threaten if you operate in the garage self-storage.

Invest better in a storage space and save a lot of trouble!

Do you also have items that may not be stored in a garage? But you still need space? No problem! You can take advantage of our services in the short term and uncomplicated, rent a much better replacement for a garage and still store everything at any time, safe and dry.









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