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Storing household - Tips from furniture & Co.

Apartment not ready. No apartment found yet. Hardly any space after moving in together. Sometimes you have much more furniture than space for living. No worries - if space is a problem, you can move in today!

If you want to store parts of your apartment, this is sometimes not possible in the basement or the garage. In certain circumstances, for example, when two households are merged, the space in one's own household may be far from sufficient for all furniture or even for a second kitchen. What to do? Where to go with the household?

Many think of an enormous, spacious warehouse with plenty of space and a large entrance gate. But who can afford such a thing? Cost-effective and otherwise much more advantageous for you, if you store your household at LAGERBOX. We do not offer you a vast warehouse, but exactly the space you need for yourself and your home.

Store your household quickly and easily

store entire household

What you also need to do well in your situation, is a flexible, straightforward process, so you can quickly store your household. This is exactly how self-storage goes with us: You can call us, write to us online or visit us directly during opening hours in one of our branches. And then it can be quite fast:

1.        First contact

2.        Determine the required storage area

3.        Set up contract

4.        Store

5.        Everything is great!

Also available with additional support!

We are more than just a rental storeroom

For many of these troubleshooting steps, we are happy to assist you with additional support. We do not just provide an empty space for storage, but our friendly, knowledgeable staff that is happy to assist you in determining the required storage space or when receiving the goods. We will provide you with a free van on the day of your move as well as practical transport aids.

Free van on the day of your move

Your advantages with LAGERBOX at a glance

But we can extend the list of benefits with us:

  • Security monitoring around the clock: Your household is stored securely. The corridors of our premises are video-monitored, and the storage units are secured at many of our locations. Just as you store your things with us, you also get them back. Besides, you can sign up for additional insurance with us without major bureaucratic hurdles.
  • Store quickly and flexible: We are there for you even when there is an acute need for additional storage space. You can organize short-term storage and plan the duration of your storage individually. We have short notice periods, and you can already plan storage with us from 1 week onwards.
  • Many different room sizes: Take the space you need. From just 1 m³ up to 30 m², our storage rooms are large. How much space you need can be determined with our room calculator, or we can help you - contact us. From small to large, we offer the right storage space for you and if that is not enough, just take a second one. We are very flexible.
Tip: If you store your household with us for a longer time, you save cash by the long-term storage. But then you can also save space by disassembling your furniture. We also recommend adding storage space for more space efficiency in the Tetris system.
  • Free van for you: On the day of your arrival, we will score points with exceptional service: We will provide you with a free van, if available, with which you can bring your furniture and cardboard boxes from your apartment to us. At our site, we help with the acceptance of goods and also provide free transportation aids for storage. Almost universal access to the storage unit: Once the work is done, you can continue to use your self-storage space at any time. You always have access to your belongings, even on Sundays and holidays, so you can spontaneously store something extra or take something out.

What else you need: the moving shop

high quality packaging material on site for your purposes

Did you know that we also run a convenient moving shop? Gladly you can stock up on all sorts of practical things for your move and especially the packing and packaging of your furniture, fabrics, and textiles or even pictures and paintings and much more. Especially your upholstery, leather or fabric furniture, as well as sensitive wooden furniture, will thank you if you additionally protect it.

Everything for additional dust protection, gentle packaging and thus a protected stay in the storage space can be found here.

LAGERBOX: Furniture optimally stored

Optimal storage of furniture

But even without these additional protective measures, your furniture is in good hands with us. We are a well established and long established company for professional storage of all kinds. We know that especially some upholstery fabrics and woods can be quite sensitive to moisture or dirt, and even insects can be critical. All this does not exist with us. We offer you your perfect furniture storage, simple, safe and just insect free, dry and well air conditioned in every season.

Improper garage storage can become a regulatory offense.

That’s why do not store in the garage

This brings us to the moral advice on garage storage. Of course, the garage looks wonderful as furniture storage at first glance. It is in the immediate vicinity, you keep everything in your own home, so to say, and it's free. But in principle, storage in the garage is not allowed. Did you know that it is forbidden to use the garage as a furniture store? So it is: What is not a car or motorcycle or has to do with it directly, is not supposed to be in the garage. Improper garage storage can become a misdemeanor. Read more here.

Inspect storeroom

Visit storage space

Of course, you do not want to let it come that far, but you do not have to, because we offer a suitable storage space for every need. If you want to assure yourself in advance, we invite you to come to visit us. Get a good idea of our clean, secure and well-air-conditioned storage units and then make the right decision. We are happy to welcome you, and we also have coffee for you.

Good to know: With us you can flexibly store from 1 week or even several years if desired.

Storing an entire household - 5 good reasons for self-storage

Store household

Maybe you are in the situation of needing a room for yourself and your belongings. Why is it that you need extra space and want to rent a storage room at short notice?

  1. Two households have been merged: in most cases, this event is based on a pleasing event. Of course, if you decide to live together, that is good for you. But if you have no room for double the number of sofas, beds, and kitchens, LAGERBOX is better for you!
  2. They have separated: the opposite, unfortunately, an unpleasant topic. Nevertheless, life goes on and seen in the short term with the excerpt from the former common four walls. It sometimes has to be pretty quick, but you can also spontaneously store your household here.
  3. The new apartment is not finished - this may be necessary if you actually want to move into a new home. But: Only you are ready for moving in, your four walls are not. For a smooth process, you entrust us for the transitional period your household, even at short notice and already from 1 week! Read more [here] (2326).
  4. You have not found a new apartment: The challenge looks quite similar if you have not found a new accommodation at the end of the notice period. Good that you have found us, because here too we can be flexible and uncomplicated to the side. Read more about this topic here.
  5. Emigration/travel /interim rent: For some people, it is not final, but only temporarily out of their own four walls. If you are planning a more extended stay abroad and/or are looking for a mid-term rent and do not want the tenants to use your household, use our convenient storage units for the time of your absence. We also offer you scalable storage space as well as favorable conditions for long-term storage.








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