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appartment not move in ready

Apartment not yet finished - self-storage

A move brings so many stress factors and possible obstacles, everyone is happy when everything works smoothly, and you finally arrived in the new apartment. But what happens if a new, unexpected problem arises in the move planning, namely, if the new apartment is yet not finished? Where to go with the whole household? Then good advice is expensive, but our storage rooms at LAGERBOX are fortunately not! If your new apartment is not ready yet, just bridge the time by storing your housekeeping with us. Here you can find out how easy and flexible you can get your urgently needed storage space from us.

Simply determine storage area

Determine storage area

LAGERBOX is the provider of flexible and secure storage space in your area. We offer you freely scalable storage space for your furniture, cartons or electronic large appliances. Everything you want to store with us, you can show us in advance, we can calculate for you how much storage space you need, or you use our free unit calculator online.

Rent short-term storage space

If your storage space requirement has been determined, you can contact us via E-Mail or by phone and book your fitting storage unit. As flexible as its area is your booking start. Of course, you need storage space relatively quickly and quickly if your apartment is not ready yet. Of course, we are happy to assist you and offer you storage space at short notice.

Free transporter for you!

Free transporter on the day of the move

For this, we provide you with a free van on the day of your move in with us and also help you with the receipt of goods. Our storage units are easily accessible, and you can drive in without worrying about parking in the second row or stopping.

Our storage units are dry and safe

In our storage units, there is an optimal, dry storage climate, so that your furniture, boxes, textiles and everything else is safe from moisture. In addition, the items stored with us are securely enclosed and also insured on request.

Finally, when your new apartment is ready to move in, you can move out with us just as quickly and spontaneously as you moved in. Here, too, we can score with flexibility and simple, unbureaucratic cooperation. Thus, the storage is the most relaxed point on your relocation checklist.









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