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Rental of low cost storage space for workshops

If you put your tool out of hand, don't do it somewhere. Store it where it is not exposed to moisture or an unauthorized person. Count on LAGERBOX, store your tool safely and have easy daily access.

Storage space can sometimes be scarce, especially if you have a lot of tools, materials, and machinery for assembly. You can rent a tool storeroom from us, where you can store everything in a safe place between working days. In a car or a container, there may not be enough security for the stored tools, and also the external climatic conditions are not always optimal there. With us, you can tap into the storage options you need if you want to store your materials near the workplace and at the same time securely and flexible. We offer you the perfect conditions for successful storeroom management, which can become the second important pillar in the assembly application in addition to your mobile construction site office.

Flexible tool storage for your needs

Tool storage

One of these prerequisites is our great flexibility. If you want to rent a tool storeroom quickly and at short notice, you can count on us. Often, such assembly inserts come within a few days, but with this spontaneity, we come along with ease! In a short period, we are also able to provide the right storage space at one of the locations in your area, and not only in a timely manner: we have many different storage room sizes that are freely scalable and available to you can be booked as needed. You will get storage spaces between 1 m³ and 30 m². Of course, if you want to have even larger tool storage, that is also possible - just book a second storage unit.

Your tool depot is accessible at all times

You can always get to your tools

The flexibility that you enjoy with and with LAGERBOX does not only apply to the desired storage area. Also in terms of opening times, we are flexible. We are already open at 6:00 o'clock in many of our branches throughout Germany and are there for you until 23:00 o'clock.

Convenient access to the storeroom with your vehicle

By the way, you also have the best conditions concerning accessibility. As a rule, our warehouse buildings are very well connected regarding infrastructure and can easily be reached by car, van or truck. So you do not have to park in the second row and affect the flowing traffic when you pick your tools, but can conveniently drive up to us and store and outsource. Incidentally, we also score points here through our popular drive-in area, i.e., loading and unloading in the dry!

Rent at LAGERBOX tool storeroom - Your benefits at a glance:

  • Flexible rental periods from 1 week
  • 365 days a year access to your warehouse
  • Favorable traffic connection
  • Covered loading and unloading
  • Transportation aids on site free of charge
  • Short notice periods
  • Discount for long-term rental
  • Lockable storage unit
  • Additionally insured

Determine the optimal size of the tool storage

Size of tool storage

How much storage space do we actually need for our tool store? Many overestimate the space required for a sufficiently large storeroom, but you do not have to estimate it here! We have a handy tool for your tool storage: Just use our free unit calculator to find the space you need for your tool storage. Alternatively, you can call us or come directly to us, and we will find out together how big your personal storage space has to be. You can also upload pictures of your stored goods or send us.

Security for your tools and machines

Regardless of the size and size of the tool storeroom, you can be sure that your tools, materials, and machines are in good hands with LAGERBOX. It is not only guaranteed through optimal space but also throughout another significant point for tool storage: safety. Unlike the often unsecured tool storerooms on many construction sites, our tool storages offer a high degree of security: Here you can get a lockable unit in an alarm-protected building with video-controlled aisles. Unauthorized entry is almost impossible!

tool storage size

Did you know? On construction sites, robberies often take place. Some builders manage it with a security service, which takes over the site security. A secured (and on request also insured) storage would do it and is probably less expensive.

Air-conditioned for value retention and long-lastingness

Surely your goods are also with us so many unintentional effects, which can bring an improper storeroom so with it. Especially weather and humidity can cause damage to stored goods. Especially materials and machines can react sensitively here, but at the same time, you can protect them when you rent a tool storeroom at LAGERBOX. In our storerooms, there are ideal conditions to store almost everything. Our rental warehouses are dry and clean and thus provide perfect conditions for storing tools, machines or materials yet to be processed, such as wood or paint.

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