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Store your bike - safe, flexible and winterproof

If your bike does not run but doesn't move in winter for a while, it's good when you take it to the Lagerbox. Here your beloved two-wheeler is safe from theft and moisture and is well guarded for the next season.

If you want to store your bike in a suitable room, do it at LAGERBOX! Our storage units are ideal for overwintering bicycles and e-bikes. LAGERBOX is the established, professional supplier for individual storage spaces throughout Germany. We provide safe and flexible storage space for bikes and all their accessories. At the same time, we always keep an eye on the most important aspects of bicycle storage, namely the central aspects of safety, flexibility, and cleanliness so that your bike is optimally stored. If that's exactly what you want for your two-wheeler, you'll be happy to fulfill that wish with LAGERBOX at short notice.

Overwinter the bike safely and protected

Bicycles are sophisticated and often quite expensive constructs. They are made up of many individual parts that only function together and function collectively to ensure the desired cycling experience. However, if this experience has to be seasonally or weather-related, many cyclists are looking for a way to overwinter the bike. Especially outside, outdoors and exposed to the weather conditions, the bicycle technology can be severely affected. In the worst case, a bicycle can be made unusable in rain, snow, and ice.

Overwinter the bike safely and protected

Beware of damage and vandalism on the bicycle

Another critical advantage when storing your bike safely in LAGERBOX is protection against theft or even vandalism. Especially in outdoor storage, such scenarios are possible. So what if the bike is damaged? Avoid this by renting a professional, optimal storage space for your bike.

Did you know? The bike is not covered by home insurance. This only applies to damage in your own home or connected rooms, such as basements or tool sheds (depending on the insurance certificate). The fully comprehensive bicycle insurance is not part of the primary home insurance, but additional protection. Especially if you have a very high-quality bike, the coverage could be worthwhile.

Use LAGERBOX as a bicycle garage

Use LAGERBOX as a bicycle garage

If you choose a storeroom from LAGERBOX, you decide on the big advantage package. Of course, your bike will benefit from that as well, because your bike is stored safely in our premises, it always stands in the dry and enjoys constant temperatures.

The advantages of your bike in a storage unit:

  1. Dryness: Significant for the technical construct Bike is, of course, a useful storage climate. Tires, electronic parts, and even metals should not be exposed to excessive moisture. Dryness is one of the most important aspects here, not just in the storage of bicycles, but also in many other things. Here you can count on us and the optimal climate in our storage boxes!
  2. Temperature: Directly into it, of course, the temperature plays. Wherever storage in the basement or the storage room of a garage with sometimes extreme temperature differences has to be expected, moisture and heat damage is not far away either. Thanks to constant temperatures in our consistently cool storage rooms, such risks are excluded for LAGERBOX.
  3. Safety: On the other hand, your bike is safely enclosed in LAGERBOX. The safety aspect is one of the most important besides the perfect storage room climate. If you store your bike with us, you do not have to worry about things like theft or vandalism. Our buildings are alarm-protected, the corridors are video-monitored, and only you have access to your rented storage box. Additional insurance is included in the conclusion of the lease for your self-storage space automatically!

Your advantages with LAGERBOX

Bicycle storage

We will then come straight to the advantages that you enjoy as our customer at LAGERBOX. Sure, for every passionate cyclist and proud owner of a good bike, it is already a pleasure to know the bike in good hands and a secure bike garage. But LAGERBOX is not only good for your bike, but also for you. We make bike storage as easy, flexible and comfortable as possible.

Personal advantages with LAGERBOX in the overview:

  • Storage from 1 m³ to 30 m²
  • Easy and fast booking
  • Flexible and can be terminated at short notice
  • Easily accessible by car or truck
  • Free transporter on the day of the move
  • Free transport assistance available on site
  • Online moving shop for practical materials
  • Goods acceptance by our employees possible
  • Drive-in-area for dry unloading and loading

Store the bike correctly

Store the bike correctly

With a bike storeroom with us, you have already made an important step towards optimal bicycle storage. But we still know something! When it comes to service and comfort, we like to switch gears even higher, and that's also purely informative. We know from experience how to store a bike, and you can benefit from this knowledge.

Below you will get some excellent tips from the bicycle store of your choice:

Products for bicycle storage

Products for bicycle storage

Just as the bike is made up of many important parts, you can also get a multipurpose inventory of functional components for your bike storage. The bike mount is certainly right at the forefront. There are now many different ideas for a wall or ceiling, which ensure that the bike is stored hanging - if that is necessary.

Store bike: hanging vs. standing

Bicycle storage is quite different depending on the bike type

Because the question of the hanging or the stationary bicycle storage is entirely different depending on the type of bicycle to answer, generally speaking, light wheels should be stored instead of hanging, heavy instead of standing. Even (long) standing wheels benefit from a matching floor stand. During storage, the tires should be rotated regularly and should not touch the disc brakes.

Lighter bicycles, which are stored hanging, hang on hangers or hooks and of course allow huge space savings. So you can also use your storage room for various other things. We recommend fixing the brake levers on the handlebar to prevent unwanted air distribution and reduce tire pressure (about 1 bar for mountain bikes, about 2 bars for racing bikes). In the context also interesting: tire storage.

Store your bike expertly - your checklist

1. Especially with disc brakes, fix handles on the handlebar to prevent air pressure distribution

2. Optimize tire air pressure

3. Clean the frame to prevent rust

4. Mainly treat circuit parts with silicone spray to keep out moisture

5. Oil brake parts and chain

Store your bike expertly

Driving or storing e-bikes in winter?

The special subject e-bike is also related to self-storage. As the owner, you must answer the question of whether you want to winter or e-bike your e-bike. Basically, of course, every electric bike can easily drive in winter. But if you're going to store it, you have to do it right. It is essential when storing an e-bike that especially the sensitive batteries should be stored adequately, i.e., dry and at moderate temperatures, and should be charged to at least 50%. The rest of the e-bike is also covered and dry. If he does not benefit from a comfortable storage unit for winter storage and has to overwinter your e-bike outside, you should remove the battery.









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