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store garden equipments

Store garden equipment and garden tools properly

At some point, it's time to end gardening. Whether at the end of a day in the garden or at the very end of the garden season: With LAGERBOX you can store your garden tools safely, dry and, as long as you like.

The storage of garden tools is one of the last actions of the garden season, because with the coming winter months mowers, hedge trimmers and so fourth are for the time being mostly redundant. Of course, there are still things in December or January that may be on the garden calendar, but the vast arsenal of gardening tools and tools has now mostly paused for now. If you think about storing your garden tools professionally and gently in the coming winter, we can recommend the ideal premises for you! With us, your garden tools and tools are in the best storage conditions, and you will find a lot of service in our shop!

Real advantages when storing your garden tools with us.

Store garden tools properly

Store garden tools properly

In addition to useful tips, LAGERBOX naturally also offers very tangible benefits if you store your garden tools with us. Because we are not only informative but also provide you storage space, in which many more useful and interesting aspects for you and your stored equipment and tools are in it.

Store garden tools under perfect conditions

Garden tools need dry storage

First and foremost, this includes the optimum storage conditions within our storage units. Essential for the storage of garden tools, tools, and many other things is dry storage with a constant, steady temperature inside.

Safe, flexible, always accessible

This is exactly how your storage unit is located in our premises: optimal storage room climate for all appliances and tools so that you can find everything as well-maintained as you have stored it after winter storage.

Of course, this aspect also supports the necessary security in an optimal storage space. While gazebos or tool sheds cannot be called 100% safe, this is already the case for LAGERBOX, namely in three ways:

  • Our buildings are alarm-protected
  • The corridors are video-monitored
  • Only you have access to your storage unit
Tip: If you would like to register additional access authorizations, please contact our friendly local staff at LAGERBOX. We will then register the appropriate persons for you.

Garden sheds, huts and garages are not enough

Garden sheds, huts and garages are not enough

Also regarding the storage of tools, we recommend using LAGERBOX as an alternative. Of course, storage rooms such as gazebos, tool sheds or even the garage once an obvious idea to store gardening equipment. But gardens are often visited by thieves, especially during the winter months when they are relatively deserted. Even a garden shed is not a vault for the sometimes valuable garden machines and the accumulated over years tool inventory.

In the garage, it is even so that you can store here no gardening equipment. It is not allowed by law and may even result in a fine.

Store garden tools when and as long as you like

Better to play it safe in a  multiple sense, right? You can always send us your request for a safe, clean and flexibly accessible garden tool storage. We are still keen on high flexibility in the booking acceptance and offer you this also during the rental period. In summary, this means that you can book storage space for your garden tools with us at short notice, move in from one week on and then stay as long as you like. We finally appreciate long rental with possible benefits. Finally, if you want to outsource everything once again, we will meet you with short notice periods.

Private and commercial tenants always welcome

Private and commercial tenants always welcome

It does not matter to us whether you store garden tools with us that you use in the private garden, or whether you are a professional gardening and landscaping company. LAGERBOX always welcomes both commercial and private customers. We have low-cost storage space for everyone!

Free transporter for new customers

But not only that: Everyone can look forward to LAGERBOX with availability and a free van on the day of the move! We provide this to you so that you can transport your garden tools to us and then store them conveniently. By the way: This works with us via an easily accessible infrastructure, and we also offer you with our drive-in area the exclusive comfort, always in the dry to be able to store and outsource!

Attention! You can book our practical storage boxes already for 9,95 Euro per month, and there are always discounts possible!

Access whenever you want

Private and commercial tenants always welcome

It is always possible to storage and retrieval with LAGERBOX. Incidentally, during office hours and when our staff is on site, we also like to help with accepting of goods and then you can access your tool storeroom and your garden tools yourself when you need them.

Storing garden tools - how much storage space is needed?

We also offer you access to a handy tool that can help you with one of the most central questions about storage: how much storage space do I really need? Many overestimate the necessary storage space and assume that they have a larger footprint than they actually have. Here are three solutions for you:

  1. Visit us at LAGERBOX on site and describe to us what and how many garden tools you would like to store.
  2. Call us or send us pictures of the items to be stored and we will give you an optimal storage space size.
  3. Or just use our practical, free unit calculator here and now to easily determine your space requirements in the equipment storage.

The unit calculator will tell you how much storage space you will need and also how many trips you have in front of you to drive everything to us.

Protect garden equipment against damage caused by cold, corrosion and theft.

When the big gardening time is over

When the gardening time is over

It affects all garden fans and of course people who are professionally involved with the garden, with green areas, plants or lawn: By late autumn, the garden time comes to an end. In the months before, when you had to mow lawns, prune or water plants regularly, it is now time to say goodbye to work in the green biotope. After all, it is only for a limited time, but it is a time when you should store your garden tools to protect them from damage from cold, corrosion and possibly theft.

Therefore better store garden tools

Carefully store garden tools

We must not forget that garden tools are made of sensitive materials that can be damaged if not stored properly. For example, wooden handles can become cracked, rubber parts can become brittle, batteries can become unusable, or metals can rust if the correct storage conditions for garden tools and garden tools are not created. Also, proper preparation of the items is advisable before you store your garden tools. Here are the right tips for some conventional devices:

  • Shovels and spades: They are responsible for the rough and often covered with dirt and earth. Just remove such dirt before storing these garden tools. Remove dirt, mud and the like with steel wool or a wire brush and then rub the tools with a little grease or oil. At the same time, you can also check whether the head and stem are still well connected.
  • Store engine-powered garden tools: brush cutters, leaf blowers or chainsaws should definitely go into the equipment store with a clean air filter. It is also advisable to store gasoline appliances with empty fuel lines to protect them from rust.
  • Incidentally, lawnmowers should not be stored as they contain oil residues that are flammable.
  • Special cleaning for the chainsaw: Especially with the chainsaw, you should invest some time to keep up the performance of the machine and also its lifetime for several hibernations. Good, careful care really pays off with the chainsaw. Chain and rail can be removed and processed with a special cleaner. The chain knives sharpen with a sharpening set or a file and spray with protective oil. Then you can let your chainsaw re-adjust with the clamping screw and use a resin remover to renew the passage in the cooling air paths.
  • Cleaning and oiling scissors: Hedgetrimmers can be used both manually and manually. But the small garden or rose scissors are valuable devices that require careful care before storage. When storing these garden tools, be sure to thoroughly clean and oil the moving parts and blades before winter. Especially for the tool storage room, you can also pack the devices in plastic bags or special tool cases from specialist retailers.
  • Storage of cordless tools: Battery-operated garden tools have the peculiarity that not only they themselves need attention, but also their battery. It should generally go to about two-thirds of its total capacity charged to the winter storage in order not to discharge itself. Older specimens should be inspected every 6 to 8 weeks and possibly reloaded.








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