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Mo.-Fr.: 08:00 - 21:00 clock

Sa.: 09:00 - 17:00 clock

Phone: 0800 222 666 999 (for free)

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Mo. – So.: 06:00 – 23:00 Clock

office hours:
Mo. – Fr.: 09:00 – 18:00 Clock
Sa.: 09:00 – 16:00 Clock

  • Manager Felix
  • Manager Stefan

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Here you will find useful and important forms for proxies, direct debit and much more to download.

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Insurance: With LAGERBOX you can get straightforward good-stock insurance for your self-storage from 4 € / month.

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Rent your mailbox from us and pick up your mail when you have the time. If required, we will also forward your mail.

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Moving Checklist: Use our Moving Checklist to prepare in time the most important things for the move.

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Moving Tips: Take advantage of our years of experience. With our practical moving tips, you can easily plan your move.

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Simply have your parcels delivered to us at the LAGERBOX location and pick them up later.

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Moving material: In our stores, you can get moving materials such as boxes, blankets, foils and adhesive tape at attractive prices.

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Rent simple and flexible office space at our location according to your needs.

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Matching shelves for your self-storage are conveniently available in our LAGERBOX store on site. On request with an installation.

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In every location of LAGERBOX transport aids are available for you free of charge for the transport of your goods.

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For larger transports, we provide transporters or trailers. Free on the day you move in.

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With the LAGERBOX unit calculator, you can quickly find out how much space you need to store your belongings.

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Are you looking for a storage space in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen that is safe, dry and optimally air-conditioned? You also wish to be able to rent a storage box at your place of residence, to which you have access almost 24 hours a day and which you can flexibly rent and cancel? LAGERBOX offers all this (and much more) in Berlin. Here, in the beautiful district of Hohenschönhausen, we operate a large location in which you can enjoy excellent comfort, and your stored goods find the best storage conditions.

We introduce: LAGERBOX Berlin-Hohenschönhausen

LAGERBOX Berlin-Hohenschönhausen 

We are one of the pioneers in the self-storage field because in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen we opened this branch already in 2006 by the previous owner "Devon" and opened it under our label. The area offers everything that needs a practical, safe and easy storage:

  • 906 storage units
  • 69 offices
  • 94 parking spaces for motor vehicles
  • 10 mailboxes
  • Drive-in-area for dry and comfortable loading and unloading
  • Offices & parking spaces
  • Good connection and location in the commercial area

When you need LAGERBOX as well

business storage in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen

Self-storage is the modern way to rent storage space. We and the 906 storage units in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen are there for you if, for example, you have not yet found an apartment and want to store your furniture or you need storage space for a stay abroad. LAGERBOX is ideal for both private and business storage. Of course, our storage space in Berlin is also suitable as a file storeroom, warehouse or tool storage.

Tip: On request, we also offer the shelf installation in your storage unit before you move in! 

This way your benefits are stored

For all these and almost all other storage goods, our storage units in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen offer the perfect conditions. Everything you store with us, you get back in the state in which you have stored it. Your stored goods are in good hands with us. Just like you as our valued customer!

There are perfect storage conditions in our storage units:

  • Dryness
  • Consistently cool temperature

These are perfect storage conditions, as they should look optimal for many stored goods. Above all, sensitive items such as clothing, books, files or important documents need adequate circumstances to remain in good condition even after prolonged storage. Dryness and constant cool temperature are precisely the right circumstances!

You can look forward to it as a customer with us:

  • Security & insured on request
  • Short term moving in and out
  • Good traffic connections for cars and trucks
  • Free van on moving in day
  • Transport assistance & moving shop on site
We complete the storage with us perfectly with many additional services.

Free van on moving in day

Even for you as a customer, we offer the best conditions when you rent your storage space in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen. You know your stored goods with us in safety and enjoy maximum flexibility in your booking. Your warehouse is accessible around the clock, 365 days a year, and we round off the storage here with many additional services.

Store safely with LAGERBOX

Especially the topic of security is a top priority at our warehouses in Berlin- Hohenschönhausen. Our buildings are alarm-protected, and all corridors are video- monitored. Also, access to the area and the storehouse is coded. Not only pests stay out with us, but everyone else - except you. Our secured storage units are only accessible to you as a tenant. However, you can always access your warehouse during our opening hours.

Rent a storage space in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen at LAGERBOX. Everything is in it with us!


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