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Rent a mailbox at LAGERBOX

You would like to have your parcels sent to a secure, lockable unit? Then you should rent a parcel compartment. This is also possible in all our LAGERBOX branches, and you can rest assured that our principle, which has been tried and tested over many years, works safely and perfectly with us. Book "the smallest storage unit" for your shipments and pick it up when you have the time.

Rent a parcel compartment - the advantages

If you rent a parcel compartment at LAGERBOX, you will enjoy many benefits. One of the biggest is certainly the independence from the typical sequence of parcel deliverer. As a rule, you will receive your parcel sooner than with "normal" delivery. As a recipient, you can pick up your parcel conveniently from your parcel compartment at LAGERBOX and, of course, a mailbox is also safer than a normal mailbox.

Big plus security

At the same time, this is the most important point for most tenants of a parcel compartment. The parcel compartment is self-contained and lockable. In the spirit of storage, your shipments at LAGERBOX in the parcel compartment are also stored well and happily longer. Forwarding or warehouse orders are therefore not necessary with a parcel compartment.

Easy pickup from the parcel

Nevertheless, the rule in Germany is that parcel compartment must be emptied at least once after seven working days. If you rent a parcel compartment at LAGERBOX and cannot empty it yourself, that's no problem. Because with the emptying of your parcel compartment you can also assign another person. For this purpose - even according to legal requirements - the key to the parcel compartment. Alternatively, your mail can also be forwarded to another address if you wish.

Requirements for the acceptance of the parcel delivery
Our parcel cannot be postal consignment. Letters and maillings may not be accepted by us.


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