Secure your moving set (1 moving box, 1 archive box, 1 roll of adhesive tape) for FREE! Just fill in and come by.
Transporter trailer

Transporter / trailer

What can you do with a larger transport of furniture, kitchens or even tools and files? Of course - a suitable van or trailer. That's exactly what you get with LAGERBOX, for free on the day you move in! An exclusive service plus that you can count on when you rent a storage room from us.

Free transporter on the day of the move

Free transporter on the day of the move

The transporter cannot be missed on any moving checklist, because often only it is the one that really can do the entire transport stress-free. There is a lot to carry; things are bulky and heavy and often have to be lashed securely in the vehicle. A van offers the perfect conditions for all of this because that's what a commercial vehicle exactly is made for. The transporter has a high load capacity, plenty of space and lashing options on the walls. Perfect for transports of all kinds!

Also, a trailer free of charge is possible

Similarly, the benefits of the trailer are stored. It is ideal if you want to transport, for example, with your own vehicle, but this does not have enough storage space. If it has a suitable trailer hitch, you can take advantage of our alternative offer instead of vans and use our free trailer to your LAGERBOX move.

Great relief and saving

Free trailer for your LAGERBOX move

Both - van and trailer - are available to use throughout the day during office hours,  for the transporter - 30 km are included as a gift. Also, you can count on a saving of around 100 euros if you do not have to pay for the large transport assistance from another provider. It's also easy to not have to worry about the many other things in the van rental:

  1. Contact is just through us
  2. Pick-up and sparking space on site
  3. Short-term rental, 1 day in advance possible upon availability

As in all other areas, we like to keep it simple and flexible for you. The free transporter or trailer is a top-rated service from LAGERBOX that you should not miss!


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