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Rent a parking space at LAGERBOX

Clothes, furniture, files, tools - everything that you can store with us. But what about the car? Where do you park your car if you travel longer or if you have a season plate? RVs and caravans, vans or trailers are not needed all year round. If you would like to avoid public parking and the associated risks, you can rent a parking space at LAGERBOX.

You can rent parking spaces at these LAGERBOX locations:

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Where the car insurance would not be enough

Because with LAGERBOX not only your stored goods are in good hands. At many of our locations, you can also park your car, RV or convertible on the secure ground or in an underground car park. That's good if you do not have comprehensive insurance that covers unpleasant events such as vandalism and driver escapes. That's what most car insurance companies do not do. At the same time, your mobile sweethearts are safely and safely parked with us, so you do not have to worry about wanton damage.

When is a parking space worthwhile?

But it does not have to be that bad. Many motor vehicles are simply not used for certain times of the year and then you can use a safe parking space well. That's exactly what we offer for your car, but also for motorcycles or boats. Especially in the winter months, many of these vehicles are temporarily not needed and often also temporarily canceled. So that they do not stand in public places at this time and maybe take their space there, our pitches are ideal for you.

Fenced and lit.

But for many of our customers, the primary concern is that the vehicles have a secure parking space. The same is true of the parking spaces at LAGERBOX: our parking areas are illuminated and fenced.

Flexible payment and workshop service

Here, too, we score with the popular LAGERBOX flexibility, because you only pay as long as you actually need the parking space.

Besides, you can use our exclusive workshop service at LAGERBOX during the canceled time. The workshop can pick up your vehicle from us during the storage period. Just contact us.

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