Our LAGERBOX checklists at a glance

With our checklists we give you a rough overview of various challenges like moving, when subletting your apartment and also when emigrating.

Moving checklist

The move should be well thought out and starts several months before the actual date. What has to be considered, what has to be cancelled, changed or even organized?

Our moving checklist is ideal to read and also to download for a smooth move.

Moving checklist

Subletting your apartment

Are you subletting your apartment? What needs to be considered, what permission may need to be obtained and what should definitely be done in advance?

With our checklist apartment subletting you are on the safe side. Read it now and download the checklist.

Subletting checklist


You are emigrating and face many questions? Our emigration checklist will help you to be well prepared and alleviate the stress.

Read everything relevant to emigrating in our checklist and download the checklist to follow up for you.

Emigrating checklist

Need more checklists?

Your topic is not included here? Feel free to email us at and we will see to what extent we can provide a new checklist for you.


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