Package acceptance

Package acceptance at LAGERBOX

Time is money, it's said. That's true, especially in the commercial sector. If you want to save time and ultimately money, use one of our most popular services: free* package acceptance. Especially for our business customers, we offer this convenient service where you can have your parcels delivered to us and picked up later. What advantages the package acceptance still has for you and which great service package we have put together for you here.

Free* package acceptance at LAGERBOX

Perhaps the most beautiful side aspect of the LAGERBOX parcel acceptance is that you can take delivery of the parcel from us free of charge. We accept delivery of your packages for you, keep your shipment and ensure that nothing happens to it. Thus, you not only save time, but you do not even have to pay anything for this pleasing effect.

Free package acceptance at LAGERBOX 

You do not need to be present

Of course, you do not have to be present at the package reception. On the contrary: If you have a package delivered, you will be informed by our friendly staff - so we do it in the receiving department. The information can be obtained by phone and/or e-mail from us.

Your shipment in your storage space

Even if you can not pick up your shipment immediately or on the same day, that's no problem. If you have rented storage space from us, we can also easily store your delivery in your personal storage unit. Alternatively, similar to the mailbox, we can keep the shipment in a delivery box.

Package acceptance: a huge relief

By accepting parcels, you gain relief in your everyday life. You can pick up the packages when it fits into your schedule. You can take care of your main tasks and keep your packages in safe hands until you pick them up. By saving time, the package is really a cost-efficient idea for your business.

*Please inquire about the different conditions for free parcel acceptance at your desired location. 


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