Secure your moving set (1 moving box, 1 archive box, 1 roll of adhesive tape) for FREE! Just fill in and come by.
Packing materials

Buy moving accessories inexpensive at LAGERBOX

Some things can make your job much more comfortable during transport and moving. We know that at LAGERBOX and of course we want to give you a hand. Also, we offer in all our branches moving material, with which you can pack, close or tape. If you are interested and in need of moving material, please contact our friendly staff in the respective location.

Moving material  on site in every LAGERBOX store 

Moving material at wholesale price

There you will find out that you can get moving material at LAGERBOX for a reasonable price. We have everything on site, we order the respective materials at a low price from the wholesaler and can, therefore, pass on a better cost to you. Besides, we rely on high-quality materials that reliably and permanently do an excellent service for your transports.

This is how to pack it best

How to pack the best? Where do you best pack everything safely and gently? The answer to such questions is moving material. Our moving materials are made easy for transport, relocations, storage and also perfect for using your individual storage space.

Moving boxes in all sizes and variants

Of course, moving boxes should not be missing. They are not only useful for transporting different things from A to B, you can also store and archive in moving boxes:

  • Standard moving boxes, carrying capacity up to 30 kg
  • Archive boxes with lid, capacity up to 20 kg

Blankets, foils, tape

What about things that do not fit in a moving box? You can also pack them with our practical material for moving in easily and, above all, appropriate way. For large, bulky or particularly sensitive parts we offer in our LAGERBOX-Umzugsshop bubble wrap, stretch films and blankets. With our adhesive tapes and the matching unwinders, you pack everything well and lock everything well with our ABUS brand locks.


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