LAGERBOX expands at the location Berlin Schöneweide-Köpenick

Berlin Schöneweide-Köpenick

Our major cities are bursting at the seams and many people find themselves with a lack of space to store all their belongings. New apartment blocks and houses are mushrooming.

Humankind is growing and, compared to a few years ago, less and less people are living in villages and rural areas. This development affects city life in particular because more and more people in Germany are moving to metropolitan areas.

Living in a city also changes how you view owning property. Even if your move was only from the suburbs further into the city, it’s not always possible to take your entire belongings with you; it’s often necessary to put them into storage temporarily. For this and many other scenarios, you have LAGERBOX.

At LAGERBOX, you can put almost anything into storage, true to our motto, “Give your things a home”. You can rent storage units of many different sizes and you’re completely flexible depending on your needs. Upgrade or downgrade your box size anytime.

This is a great advantage, especially in large cities with their limited space. You can find LAGERBOX in many of the major cities all over Germany. In some cities, however, the demand is so high that having just one facility would not be enough.

This is the case in Cologne, for example, but also in Berlin. Berlin is vast and the distances from one part of the city to the other are often long. It can sometimes take hours. For this reason, LAGERBOX has several facilities in Berlin. We have storage facilities in Berlin Hohenschönhausen, Spandau, Neukölln, in Lichtenberg-Marzahn (which is also currently being expanded), and in Berlin Schöneweide-Köpenick.

As you can see, LAGERBOX provides its customers with a lot of potential storage space in many different locations. However, demand is still rising. In addition to private households, business customers can also use LAGERBOX for storage. LAGERBOX is often used for the temporary storage of merchandise in this way, not least because our friendly staff can take care of your deliveries and incoming goods. To enable more and more people to rent storage space, we are now working on expanding our facility in Schöneweide-Köpenick.

Information on the expansion

Our facility is being expanded across two stories to create additional space for more lettable storage units. The result will be around 285 new boxes in various sizes. In total, this is an enormous area covering 1,500 square metres.

The expansion will begin already in December to meet the rising demand as quickly as possible. Completion of the expansion is expected by February next year.

Information on the location

LAGERBOX’s Schöneweide-Köpenick facility is located at Michael-Brückner-Straße 32 in 12439 Berlin. 

By the way: You can rent storage units at LAGEBROX online without even visiting a facility first. Simply go to the LAGERBOX website and use the convenient size calculator to calculate the space and storage unit you need.

Our LAGERBOX facility also has an office that comes with a moving supplies shop. Here, you can sign a lease for a unit, get advice from our staff, and buy tape or moving boxes in various sizes. Our office hours are Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm, and 9am to 4pm on Saturdays.

If you’re a LAGERBOX customer wanting to access your belongings, you don’t have to wait for the office to open. You can access your unit every day between 6am and 11pm. To find out how that works, read the following section on security.

Security is a top priority at LAGERBOX

Most things that are put into storage at LAGERBOX stay there for a fairly long time. Our minimum rental period starts at only one week but, if you look at the statistics, our storage units tend to be rented for much longer.

To make sure all your items are safe during this time, we have thought out a comprehensive security concept. Access to a LAGERBOX storage facility is only possible as a customer; access is coded. Additionally, every unit has its own padlock as well as a numerical code.

The facility itself and the individual units are equipped with an alarm. This alarm goes off as soon as an unauthorised person tries to gain access to the premises or a unit. Moreover, the entire facility is under video surveillance and connected to a security company. All the belongings you store at LAGERBOX are insured.

Benefits of storing at LAGERBOX

LAGERBOX storage units start at one cubic metre. You can use our free-of-charge* LAGERBOX transport van for moving into your unit. You can also use free-of-charge, on-site transport aids, including pallet trucks and sack trucks. This makes moving your things from the car easy.

Info on the location

The facility is close to the airport amidst a residential area and is perfect to reach by car, lorry, and public transportation. It sits directly next to the B96a, a federal road and one of Berlin’s busiest and best-known roads.

LAGERBOX is looking forward to your things at our all-new and expanded facility in Schöneweide-Köpenick.

* The transporter is included in the Smart and Premium packages from a monthly rental of € 50 for the move-in. With the Premium package even when moving out. In general, the use of the transporter requires availability and an appointment with us. The use is limited to the times from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5:30 pm and Saturdays from 9 am to 3:30 pm. 30 km are included, each additional kilometer is charged with 0,50 €.

Secure your moving set (1 moving box Basic & 1 archive box with lid, 1 roll of adhesive tape) for FREE! Just fill in and come by.