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Free transport aids at LAGERBOX

In every location and depending on the booked storage space, the way to the storeroom can be different. Here we think once again of you and provide free handcarts, trolleys and other means of transport such as pallet trucks available. That's how we make life a little easier. We have been on the market with LAGERBOX since the mid-90s and are well acquainted with the details of moving, transporting and picking. Therefore, we know what you need next to an optimal storage space, to store really well.

These transport aids are waiting for you

Free transporter on the day of the move 

Of course, very important are devices that make it easier for you to transport your stored goods from A to B. Where A is your dolly and B is your storage unit. A way that is much easier if you do not have to carry it hard. This is exactly where our transport aids on-site help you:

  • Handcart - the handcart is a welded steel structure with high load capacity. It has a small bottom loading area and rubber grips to pull or push the handcart and everything on it. Handcarts are ideal for moving boxes, boxes, smaller furniture, electrical appliances or smaller construction machines.
  • Pallet truck - the pallet truck is perfect for picking euro pallets. With the tines you just drive under the pallet, lift it, and then you can comfortably drive to your storage space with larger loads.
  • Trolleys - we offer you different types of carts, with which you can carry goods of various sizes, shapes, and weights from your trolley to your storage unit.

All transport aids free of charge

These useful transport aids are available for free use at LAGERBOX on site. Also, we always pay attention to accessibility at our locations, so that you can get on well with the rolling aids.

By the way: For your first trip to us we will give you perhaps the best means of transport: a free moving van!

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