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Availability by phone:

Mo.-Fr.: 08:00 - 21:00 clock

Sa.: 09:00 - 17:00 clock

Phone: 0800 222 666 999 (for free)

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Mo. – So.: 06:00 – 23:00 Clock

office hours:
Mo. – Fr.: 09:00 – 18:00 Clock
Sa.: 09:00 – 16:00 Clock

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All important information about the Lagerbox for previewing and downloading: Forms such as authorizations and forms.

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Insure your stored goods directly from us quickly and easily via our partners.

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Get to know the advantages of having your own mailbox: your mail always arrives safely and is stored permanently protected.

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With our extensive LAGERBOX moving checklist, you plan your move point by point to success.

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With the practical moving tips of LAGERBOX we offer useful facts from the professional. This will make moving much easier for you.

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On request, we take over the package acceptance for you and keep the parcel shipment safe.

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Do you need robust boxes, sturdy foil or solid adhesive tape? We offer professional moving material at a reasonable price.

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Save the acquisition costs. At reasonable prices, we provide shelves for your storage room - including installation service.

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There are always versatile, and free transports aids available ready for your transport at the LAGERBOX location.

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You can rent a van or a trailer for your transport directly from us on site. On the moving in day at LAGERBOX, this service is free.

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With our unit calculator, you can calculate in just a few simple steps which storage space suits you perfectly.

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LAGERBOX Berlin Lichtenberg-Marzahn


Are you looking for self-storage in Berlin? Located in Berlin’s beautiful East, LAGERBOX in Berlin Lichtenberg-Marzahn now gives you an outstanding opportunity to store your goods in a secure, dry, and ideally heated environment. Read on to get all the info you need on what other benefits we have in store for you and what is so special about our LAGERBOX location in Berlin Lichtenberg.


Come on a virtual tour of our location in Berlin Lichtenberg-Marzahn

LAGERBOX operates many locations all over Germany, including several in Berlin. Of course, we are also in Frankfurt, the Ruhr area, and East Germany. Whatever the location, we always focus on providing perfect storage conditions. Naturally, the same goes for Berlin Lichtenberg. Here are just a few aspects of what makes LAGERBOX in Berlin Lichtenberg-Marzahn an ideal location for self-storage.


LAGERBOX Berlin Lichtenberg-Marzahn – here are the facts:

  • The location is close to the Tierpark, East Berlin’s zoo, and sits between residential areas on Bundesstrasse 1, a federal highway. This makes it very well connected to the road and public transportation network and ideally accessible for transport vehicles of all sizes.
  • The roofed drive-in area makes sure everything stays dry while loading and unloading no matter the weather.
  • Our location in Lichtenberg-Marzahn has 1,000 boxes across six stories in an array of sizes. Whatever your self-storage need is, we have something for you!


Why self-storage is the best solution

We are confident that Berlin Lichtenberg-Marzahn will provide you with the storage box size to meet your needs. When is a good time to get self-storage? Our storage solutions are a great idea if you need a place to store your things on short notice and for a flexible amount of time. This can be due to various reasons, including moving into a new house, a break-up, or going abroad. Flexible and hassle-free self-storage can also be ideal for commercial purposes.


What can you use Berlin’s new self-storage for?


We apply the same flexibility to the type of storage goods: you can store any conceivable item in terms of households and furniture at our locations. The same goes for office furniture, files, books, or wine. With only very few exceptions, you can store anything you would want to store in an ideal storage environment, whether its temporary or in the long term.


Size and duration: rent the space you need in Berlin

This brings us to the important point when it comes to self-storage and two important advantages of storing at LAGERBOX in Berlin Lichtenberg-Marzahn. We offer the 1,000 storage boxes that we mentioned above in a range of different sizes and for any flexible duration depending on your needs.


Use our free-of-charge size calculator to find out what size best suits your needs. You can simply stock up later if you need more space. Moving in only takes a few days and cancellation is possible at very short notice.


LAGERBOX Berlin Lichtenberg-Marzahn – what makes it so convenient?

Self-storage at LAGERBOX is flexible and tailored to your needs. This is how we do it in Lichtenberg-Marzahn, our other locations in Berlin, and all over the country. Be sure that you can store your goods in our warehouses with complete peace of mind:


  • Secure: all storage rooms are in alarm-secured buildings and video-monitored corridors.
  • Dry: all our storage boxes have the ideal temperature for your goods. Dryness and constant temperature are very important to prevent typical storage damage caused by moisture.
  • Flexible: Rent the space you need for the time you need and access your storage unit 365 days a year.


Additional services at LAGERBOX Berlin Lichtenberg-Marzahn

All these advantages are the absolute fundamentals of self-storage. In addition, we offer a range of special LAGERBOX on-site services:

  • Use one of the free-of-charge delivery vehicles from our fleet to move into LAGERBOX Berlin Lichtenberg-Marzahn
  • We will gladly take care of installing shelves in your storage unit before you move in.
  • Our on-site shop has everything you need for moving, transporting, and packaging.
  • Lastly, commercial users in Berlin Lichtenberg-Marzahn can also use our incoming mail and parcel services.


Have you found everything you need? Then this is how you find us:


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Customer Testimonials

Sehr nette Mitarbeiter und sehr tolles Gebäude


The overall experience is positive. The warehouse is nice and clean. The 24/7 access is great. However, I would like if you would offer on-site handling service (i.e. I was abroad and needed to send luggage to store. Given the fact that you do not provide receiving service, I had to contact a friend who did not live close). Also, when moving out, there was no clear instruction of what I should pay attention. And after 2 days, I was told to remove the garbage on the site immediately, or otherwise I would be charged. This was very frustrating considering I lived 1.5 hours away from the warehouse. I would like to have some warnings before-head for not leaving garbage, or you could provide such extra service (I do not think that would be too much to just bring the garbage outside). Overall the experience was nice but with some unpleasant ending.

hans intakt

Gut erreichbare Anlage und Räume. Günstigstes Angebot, billig wenn man kostenfrei verfügbare Transporter und Sackkarren etc. berücksichtigt.