Shelf placement

Shelf installation in the LAGERBOX

If you rent a storage space from us, it opens up a whole lot of possibilities. One of them can be found directly in your storage unit. There you can set up, so to speak, on everything that may come to storage there. For this purpose, we offer you the practical shelf unit, which is very popular with our customers. You do not need to bring any shelves with you, but you can get them conveniently directly from LAGERBOX on site - with bodywork if you wish.

Rent or purchase storage shelves

So we make it easier for you to transport, in which you do not have to plan the bulky shelves too. Filling the moving cart, transporting and carrying the shelves in your storage unit is therefore all about you when you book our shelf set-up. That's good for you, as well as our prices for this popular service. You can simply rent the shelves for your time with us, or you can buy the shelves and take them with you should you no longer need LAGERBOX.

Rent or purchase storage shelves at LAGERBOX 

Construction of the storage shelves

With the service included is on request also the structure of the shelves — one more step that we can take care of. Such a move or transport is already enough work anyway. Good, if you can save time and installation because the shelves are already built up and only waiting for their filling.

Set up for each inventory

It is important to know what you want to store in your storage unit. Because we have the right shelves for just about everything. When it comes to shelving, we adjust everything exactly so that your stored goods fit perfectly. For this we can use the shelves individually in the shelf installation and also in the arrangement of the shelves, we are happy to tailor ourselves according to your requirements. So you always have a perfect overview in your individual storage space, and everything has its safe, dry, clean place.


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