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Rent storage space in Münster

When everything is stacked up to the ceiling, it's time to clear up. LAGERBOX Münster is here for you! Get in with us, make room and look forward to a flexible, safe, dry storage unit.

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With more than 50,000 students, Münster is one of the absolute strongholds of (prospective) academics throughout Germany. Not least because of this, Münster is also called the city of bicycles and therefore there is also a unique dynamic in the city when it comes to housing and moving. Here we come from LAGERBOX into the game, because we are a full-service provider for the storage of a variety of stored goods. Our offer is aimed at both the many students and, of course, the other residents of the city and the commercial customers who like to rent a storage space with us. We will show you how flexible and easy, but also how comfortable we are.

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Self-storage in Münster

Not now, but in very soon you can rent a self-storage space from us. All you have to do is contact us and reserve your desired storage unit. Then theoretically you can put together everything that you want to store in Münster and make your way to us. Then drive up on our generously sized plot, unload, transport everything to the self-storage box and you're done.

From the call to grant - this is how fast and easy it is with LAGERBOX:

  • First contact (by e-mail, telephone or in person)
  • call required unit size
  • Reserve storeroom
  • Load stored goods
  • Drive to us
  • Unload everything and bring it into the building
  • Self-storage unit grant, complete, done!

How to determine your optimal space requirement

determine your optimal space requirement

So that you do not book too much or too little storage space, we can help you in several ways. You can call us, visit or e-mail us and tell us what you want to store. Or you use our practical unit calculator, which helps you directly online to determine your space requirements virtually. In the calculator, you enter what is in your storage (even with photo function possible), and the non-binding tool tells you immediately, how big your storage room should be.

With us you can store as much and as long as you like!

Short rental period or maybe a few years?

With us you can store as much and as long as you want

We are not like other landlords. With us, you do not have to take a long minimum rental period or set yourself forever long notice periods. With us you can store as little as a week - we enjoy with short notice periods - but you can, of course, like to store many months or even a few years. With us you can store as much and as long as you like!

Tip: Discounts are possible in all our branches! Ask our local friendly staff how you can save on storage.

Moving van free for new customers!

What actually everyone would like, who rents a storeroom in Münster with us, is our free van. We like to refer to it as our moving in gift because all the new customers are provided with moving vehicles for collection. 30 kilometers are included and you save up to 100 Euro of your relocation budget for the vehicle. Not to mention that you will not have any trouble picking up the car, refueling or parking at a car rental.

Storage space for students in Münster

Storage space for students in Münster

Of course, we also want to address our offer to the many students in Münster. 50,000 people, that's the total population in other cities. Here it is the students who, because of their typical housing situation in a shared apartment, often need additional storage space. The basement is full or not available, the family home is far away, and the roommates' area is not huge. With us, students can rent a low-cost storage room and get rid of their excess furnishings.

Store when moving in together and nothing has to be disposed

Store when moving in together

Store when moving in together

Of course, that's also handy when two or more people move together. Whether it's a shared apartment or a shared apartment with a partner - some pieces of furniture, tend to fall behind. So that is not in the figurative sense so, so the furniture ends up as bulky waste on the street, you can store when moving together and nothing must be disposed. You do not know; students live partly very dynamic and varied. Maybe the apartment will be disbanded, or you decide to move into larger walls as a couple. Then you can use the stored furniture all over again.

Store seasonal demand

If the furniture has to be stored for a longer time, that's no problem. We are happy to meet you with lower long-term rates. Incidentally, you can also benefit from these if you store in seasonal demand. These can be, for example, tools, water sports accessories or garden furniture. Such things are predestined for storage at LAGERBOX in Münster! You do not need them for the foreseeable future, but you do not want them to get in the way for the next few months. Some items must also be stored, because they last, for example, the winter only when stored well-tempered.

The perfect storeroom with an ideal climate

This is a good catchphrase for an essential aspect of professional warehousing: in fact, such a warehouse must have relatively constant temperatures. Above all, no extreme temperatures may occur here that could damage the stored goods. For example, we guarantee freedom from frost in our warehouses.

Tip: On request, we can also set up the shelves in your rental warehouse for you. Inform our team if you even need shelves.

The perfect storeroom with an ideal climate

Self-storage in Münster: Dryness is a must

But that's not all: of course, a good warehouse is not damp either. Especially when you store such things as files, dryness is extremely important. But even furniture or tires can be extremely sensitive to moisture or even wet. In the storage unit, we ensure permanent dryness and effectively prevent unwanted damage.

LAGERBOX relies on complete safety

Also, theft is excluded from us, because your stored goods are enclosed with us very well. Lockable storage spaces that only you can enter, video-controlled corridors and buildings with alarm protection ensure from the outset for the deterrence of unwanted visitors and thus protect your stored items!


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