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Rent storage space in Dresden

Do you want storage in Dresden? Must everything go? Just everything can be with us! LAGERBOX is Germany's first self-storage provider and of course, it has the ideal storage space for you!

Find a location near you

Do you need additional storage or storage space in which you can store flexibly and at a reasonable price? Then take advantage of our offer in Dresden. With us, you can accommodate clothes or wine, rent our storerooms as a cellar replacement or even commercially a warehouse. You can book your personal storage space in the desired size, even at very short notice. Ask today and get involved today! Even at short notice, it is possible for us, for example, to store furniture after a separation or to spontaneously rent a tool store for assembly work in Dresden.

Win more storage space quickly and easily

Storage space in Dresden

Contact us now and benefit from our great flexibility on the same day. Depending on the current time, you can still book storage space in Dresden today and even grant it. So before you rent a container or maybe do not even know where to go with your inventory, come to us. We almost always have a good spot for your stored goods.

Safety, cleanliness, dryness

Rent a private storage space in Dresden

How good the place is that we have for you, we will gladly explain to you, because that's exactly how a professional warehouse should be:

  • Dryness: A warehouse should be very dry. It is essential, for example, when you store books, but also when you save files or documents. All these things must not come into contact with moisture at all, especially not permanently in a storage room. It does not only apply to objects made of paper but also, for example, to those made of wood or metal.
  •  Cleanliness: The cleanliness in a storage unit also plays into this topic. It is essential to avoid the pollution of your stored goods and unwanted roommates. From us, you get a clean storage space when you move in.
  • By the way: What you can get when you move in with us is your personal van. The very special moving in gift for new customers you get with 30 inclusive kilometers, and you save yourself not only the rental fee but also the organization of the car rental with a third party company!
  • Safety: One of the most important aspects of many of our customers is safety. Of course, we also provide them with alarm-protected buildings, video-controlled corridors in the locations and lockable self-storage unit.

 free transporter on the moving in day

Shelf installation available on request

On the other hand, the furnishing of your individual storage space can be included. It does not just mean that you can conveniently store furniture or the entire household with us. We offer you to furnish your storage unit before you move in, with convenient furnishings. We have storage shelves on offer, which we can set up in your storage unit. Just specify how many shelves you need, and we'll post them. We can even consider the distances between the shelves!

Wherever you go, your household can move in with us.

Storage place for the individual life situations

Rent a storage space in Dresden on a trip abroad

It may be particularly welcome to you if you really have little time and want to rent a storage space in Dresden at short notice. If required, storage shelves are set up within a very short time, and your storage unit is ready for occupancy. You need a storage room, for example, if the newly rented apartment is not ready or you have not found a new apartment at the end of the old lease.

Another scenario, same circumstances: You need storage space for a stay abroad to keep your belongings safe, or you plan to re-rent your apartment on a world tour, and some items must be held in a safe place. Your household can then safely stay with us.

Rent commercial storage space

Rent commercial storage space

In everyday working life, there may be situations in which more and short-term available storage space can be a blessing on favorable terms. For example, you can rent a trade fair warehouse here in Dresden where your advertising materials can fit. You can also use a storage space as a storage warehouse with us. You can store garden tools or sports equipment. Especially if you want to store seasonal needs, a well-air-conditioned storage unit can be the ideal place in which, for example, patio furniture can overwinter.

The right storage place for every need

tire storage

Overwinter is also a good keyword in the context of tire storage. They feel most comfortable when the temperatures are constant, and the lighting conditions are not too sunny. That's exactly how it is in our storage units. Whether lying, standing or hanging, tires store well with us! It also applies if you store your bike if you no longer need it in winter. You do not have to rent a basement for that. At LAGERBOX you can even store your Christmas decorations or move in an entire room if the family is having a baby.

Use self-storage in the short term, simply and under perfect conditions - if you want to, reserve a storage box in Dresden now. We look forward to you!


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