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Rent low-cost storage space in Leipzig

Looking for a short-term storage space in Leipzig? With LAGERBOX you find a storage space that exactly suits you: you choose the size, you choose the rental period. Everything is safe, and dry, whether short or long term.

Find a location near you

Get storage space quickly, flexible and inexpensive; you can do that here in Leipzig! Do you need more space, storeroom or storage area for personal or business reasons? With us, you can cover this need quickly and easily. We are here for you if you want to store furniture at low cost or if you are looking for your trade a tool-storage. Contact us today and even move into your individual storage room today. You can get a good substitute for the storage container with us, both adaptable in the area as well as tailor-made in time to your requirements.

Storeroom in the size of from 1 m³ up to 30 m².

Self-storage in Leipzig

What is self-storage?

In Leipzig, we are there for you almost any time, if you need to rent a trade fair warehouse quickly or if you want to store furniture in a storage unit. But what is behind this great flexibility with LAGERBOX? We are the first and one of the leading providers of private and commercial self-storage space in Germany. Self-storage is a concept that is popular and successful in many countries around the world. We offer you the possibility to choose the right one for your purpose and your storage among many storage units of different sizes. With us, you can book storage areas from 1 m³ and up to 30 m² in size.

Determine storage area with the unit calculator

How big your storage space should be

How big your personal storage space should be, you can determine with our practical unit calculator. The tool was developed especially for this purpose and for our service and gives you an excellent indication of the size you should choose your storage space. Otherwise, the friendly staff of LAGERBOX can help you on site. Come to visit us and explain if you want to accommodate a complete apartment, store an expensive bike or even just keep Christmas decorations. You can also tell us by phone or e-mail what you would like to have stored.

Our calendar has almost always a free time slot

We have almost always free time slots at our branch in Leipzig. Therefore, we can usually give you a very close moving in date. It happens over and over again, for example, because customers have not yet found an apartment or the new apartment is not ready yet. If you contact us early enough that day, you can move into your personal storage space the same day. But not only that: In addition to a quick moving in date, as you do not get it everywhere in short, we are also accommodating, as far as the rental period. From one week you can rent your basement replacement with us and upwards timely with an open end.

Discover our long-term rates

Discover our long-term rates

What's more, discounts are always possible in all our branches that we operate throughout Germany. It all depends on what you book for which period. Long-term rates are also possible, especially for long-term tenants of our self-storage spaces. Such long storages are not uncommon, after all, you can also store things in our storerooms that you will not need for a long time.

Also perfect for long-term storage

A rule of thumb is that you can actually dispose of everything that you have not used for at least a year. Maybe we would not go that far in principle, because you can keep things like this with us. Some things even have to be held for a long time: self-storage is ideal for you, if you want to save files or documents that have retention requirements.

You can also use a self-storage space for a stay abroad or rent a self-storage unit on a trip around the world. Also, our storerooms are ideal if you want to store seasonal demand. So you can stow garden equipment with us, find an ideal place for the patio furniture of the ice cream parlor or even deposit sports equipment.

In our storage room, each part is safely stored

In our storage room, each part is safely stored

For all this, we offer you here in Leipzig the best storage conditions. Whether you store books with us, store clothes or even "from O to O" accommodate your tires, with us, your goods are in the best hands! When you lock your storeroom, all your belongings are in a safe unit, to which only you and other persons authorized by you have access. Our buildings are alarm-protected, and the corridors are video-monitored.

Reliable dryness in all storage spaces

While no one comes in, who should not go in there, prevail within your storage unit always best climatic conditions. If you rent from us your replacement for the not always optimally tempered and sometimes damp basement, you and your stored goods benefit from a constant dryness inside each storage space. Moisture is rarely beneficial in a storage unit - too high are the risks for consequential damage from mildew, mold or rust. Therefore, we guarantee dry storage in our premises.

Temperatures and humidity at a constant level

Also crucial in every storage space are adequate temperatures and constant air humidity. The latter is on an always similar level and suitable for stored goods. In winter, we also guarantee free from frost. So we give all your stored items the perfect conditions to survive even the seasons with the extreme temperatures completely unaffected.

Simply drive in, load and done

Do not miss our free van

If you, too, are convinced that our storage spaces in Leipzig are the perfect storerooms for you, come to us. We are available spontaneously for you; you can book us flexible according to your time needs and your stored goods are in good hands with us. Therefore, load your stored goods into your transport vehicle, drive to LAGERBOX in Leipzig and enjoy good accessibility and plenty of space for maneuvering and order picking on site.

Tip: Do not miss our free van! We spend new customers on the day of your move - with 30 inclusive kilometers.

Free transport aids, inexpensive moving material

When you arrive, you can use the handcart, lifting, and trolleys, which we provide free of charge in all our branches, and charge your inventory there. Then you roll comfortably to the entrance of your storage space, where you can then take your time to fill your unit. If needed, you can also purchase moving materials in our moving shop. Everything you need for safe packaging and storage, such as packing boxes of all kinds, blankets or bubble wrap, we offer here for sale.


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