Rent low-cost storage space in Cologne

Too high costs, too little space? LAGERBOX Cologne offers just the opposite: With us, you can have space! Simply rent a storage space of the desired size, and store privately or commercially.

Cologne is known for its cathedral, the carnival and also for high rents and low space. If you move here or if you are looking for extra space for commercial reasons to store things and store them safely, in times you can look for a long time. What can you do? Renting a container, renting a basement or putting everything with friends or relatives?

Storeroom in Cologne - the best alternative

Self-storage in Köln

These are possibilities, of course, but not the best ones. You no longer need to search, because with us you have a provider in Cologne, where you can rent low-cost storage space. We maintain two locations in the cathedral city and thus many storage units that only wait for your stored goods. With us, private individuals furniture or companies can accommodate tools or clubs sports equipment store. We explain why you should take advantage of this offer and what your benefits are in self-storage with LAGERBOX.

Book storage space today

Book storage space today

If you are looking for storage space in Cologne urgently, you have now found what you are looking for. If you want to move in today, we can support you here as well. Depending on what time of day you contact us via one of our communication channels (by phone, e-mail or personally on site), you can still rent a storeroom today and load it.

Self-storage is that easy

Select self-storage  location

We will explain in detail how advantageous and straightforward self-storage is for you. If you want to start today, you might want to take advantage of the quick overview:

  • Select location
  • Calculate stock size
  • Make contact and reserve storage space
  • (book additional services, such as shelving)
  • Load stored goods
  • Drive to the site in Cologne
  • Unpacked goods ...
  • ... and roll to the storeroom with our free moving aids
  • Grant, finish, done

Self-storage in Cologne - what can go in?

Our warehouses are suitable for many, many different things that can come from both commercial storage and private self-storage. You are allowed to store clothes with us, to store your bike or even books. Commercial customers like to come to us if they want to rent a tool storeroom or a storage warehouse. Particularly companies and customers who regularly require access to their storage space benefit us especially.

During our opening hours, you always have access to your personal storage unit.

Easy to access, almost around the clock

GEasy to access, almost around the clock

Even outside office hours, you have access to your storage space. Check the times of our branches in Cologne and plan with us if you need access to your warehouse within your work plan. The excellent transport connections of our locations also play into your hands. Especially companies come regularly to take things from their warehouse or bring back something. So you can easily come in before work, for example, take tools and in the afternoon, after work, bring everything back to the warehouse.

LAGERBOX in Cologne to work well with

You can always rely on the excellent space conditions on our sites. We are prepared for traffic and offer you at the respective locations space for comfortable driving in, unloading and maneuvering. We also provide you with free moving aids for picking and transporting your stored goods. Use Handcarts, pallet trucks, and trolleys free of charge.

Tip: Especially for companies, we also offer the efficient service of accepting goods.

Goods acceptance service

Purchase low-cost moving materials

But that's not all. More service and comfort await you in our popular moving shops on site. We have set them up at each of our locations throughout Germany, and in the shops, you can equip yourself with useful material for moving and packing. If, for example, you also want to buy blankets, sticky tape or packing boxes, you can do that too at a reasonable price.

Self-storage in Cologne: Shelf installation wanted?

Shelf Installation

If you have transported your items on our premises to your storage unit and packed them well for storage, it's best to place everything in suitable storage racks. You can also get these as well if you use a warehouse with us. Especially recommended are professional storage racks, for example, if you store wine, files or documents to accommodate or even if you want to store the delicate Christmas decorations. Ask our friendly staff if you are interested in shelving. We'll set up the shelves before you move in.

Book self-storage in Cologne for the trade fair

 Among other things, you can use this service very well if you are coming to the Cologne Trade Fair and want to rent a trade fair warehouse from us. Our offer of low-cost storage space in Cologne is also ideal for short visits to the city. Starting as early as one week, you can start with us and, for example, accommodate the advertising materials for your exhibition stand.

Warehouses in Cologne for commercial purposes

Warehouses in Cologne for commercial purposes

But also for other businesses, the flexible, easy storage with us in Cologne is particularly worthwhile. If you do not have sufficient storage space, you can supplement it with our offer. Many are also from other cities in Cologne, for example, mechanics or companies that come from outside and have received an extended work assignment in Cologne. Of course, then you do not have your own warehouse in the city and quickly need one for your tools or work clothes. You can use your storage unit as a tool store, store garden tools with us or even store materials.

Store your furniture inexpensively and relax entirely for the transitional period.

Apartment not finished yet - where to go with the furniture?

Quite another problem, the same solution: Cologne is a very coveted city, where housing is scarce. You accept in the housing search to take so many hurdles. What, for example, if the new apartment is not ready, but the lease has already expired? You can inexpensively store furniture with us and relax for the transitional period. Even if you have not found a new apartment, and yet though you have to leave the old one, you can accommodate your entire household with us.

By the way: Even if you have to move spontaneously, we have the right entry gift for you. New customers look forward to a free van with 30 kilometers included!

Furniture, fabrics, woods - perfectly stored

Store furniture inexpensively

You can be sure that your stored goods at LAGERBOX in Cologne are in the very best of warehouse hands. That is, as far as it is allowed (there are also exceptions, as you can read here), you should be able to store everything with us. Because our storage units are the perfect storerooms that you can rent wonderfully as a basement replacement. Because while in a cellar - or an attic or in a garage - not always the best conditions for storage prevail, we guarantee this in our storage spaces.

Self-storage in Cologne: dry, clean, safe

We combine the knowledge of what conditions different warehousing goods need in a warehouse with information on how customers want an ideal warehouse. Safety, dryness, and cleanliness are very far ahead, and we give these attributes to our warehouses. What you store with us, you get back in the same condition — no dirt, no foxing, no mold, no rust or something similar. Besides, only you have access to your storage unit, so you always know all your belongings in safety.

Self-storage in Cologne - as long as you want

Use a self-storage unit for the duration of your trip around the world

How long can you secure this benefit package with us? As long as you want! You can move out after a minimum of one week, or you can stay much, much longer. Some customers come to us, for example, because they want to book a self-storage unit for a stay abroad or use a self-storage space for the duration of their trip around the world. You can also store furniture when you move or split. The topic of storing tires is also coming up every six months. Especially for companies, it also makes sense to store their seasonal needs here.


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