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Stuttgart Feuerbach

Rent a storage unit in Stuttgart Feuerbach

The advantage of selfstorage with LAGERBOX

  • from 1m³ storage
  • from 1 week rental period
  • Free transporter *
  • Free transport on site
  • Access 6-23h** / 365
  • Incoming goods
  • Coded access
  • Alarm / video secured
  • no admin fee
  • Storage is insured


You can change to a smaller or
bigger storage unit flexible and uncomplicated.

Availability by phone:

Mo.-Fr.: 08:00 - 21:00 clock

Sa.: 09:00 - 17:00 clock

Phone: 0800 222 666 999 (for free)

Warehouse access in general:
Mo. – So.: 06:00 – 23:00 Clock

office hours:
Mo. – Fr.: 09:00 – 17:00 Clock
Sa.: 09:00 – 16:00 Clock

  • Manager Oliver

Now calculating space requirements

How much space do I need? Find out quickly how much it is with with our room calculator.



With our LAGERBOX checklists you plan your move perfectly through.

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Quite formally: direct debit authorizations or forms for address changes are here for you.

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With us, you can insure your stored goods quickly and easily via our partners.

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Do you know the advantages of having your own mailbox? Your mail arrives safely and is also permanently protected for you.

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With the practical moving tips of LAGERBOX, it will be much easier for you to move. Except for the boxes.

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With us, your package shipment will be in good hands. Safely it will be stored until you pick it up.

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Do you need archive boxes, boxes, foils or tape? We offer professional moving material at a reasonable price.

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In addition to your Lagerbox, you can also rent a secure parking space at our location for your motor vehicle.

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Don't own shelves? At reasonable prices, we also offer high-quality shelves for your storage unit, including assembly service.

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For your transports at the LAGERBOX location, we offer you free handcarts, trolleys and other means of transport.

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You can rent a van or trailer directly from us for your transport - free* of charge on the day of moving in at LAGERBOX.

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Fits: With our unit calculator you can calculate in just a few simple steps how much storage space you need.

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Here in Stuttgart-Feuerbach is the smallest branch of our self-storage service, but at the same time as our building in Leobener Strasse, we are the first provider ever to settle in the city. Since 2009, Stuttgart and all those who are looking for storage space in the area have the opportunity to rent safe, simple, flexible and cheap storage space from us. Of course you too!

That's why Selfstorage pays off

LAGERBOX in Stuttgart-Feuerbach 

It is especially useful for those who have too little space and need more. Because exactly at this place we offer in our warehouse in Stuttgart-Feuerbach. 632 storage spaces are waiting for you here, that you can load with just about anything, for which you have no place at home or in the company. If you are on assembly in Stuttgart and want to build materials and tooling, it fits very well. Also for private rental, for example, if you wish to store your whole household or a few furniture and clothes store, self-storage is just the thing for you.

We also make your life with your storage space a little more pleasant.

Therefore best store at LAGERBOX

best stored at LAGERBOX 

Especially with LAGERBOX self-storage is the right thing for you, if you also want to enjoy many amenities around it. With us, you have more than a free storage space at leisure. We also make your life with your storage a little more pleasant. Above all, our friendly and competent employees as well as our central criteria for storage:

  1. Security - Of course you want your stored goods to be stored in the best possible condition and safely stored. That's exactly how it is when you rent your storage space in Stuttgart-Feuerbach. Our building is alarm-protected, has video-controlled corridors and your personal storage unit is, of course, lockable, and only you have access to it.
  2. Simplicity - if you need storage space, you can quickly get it from us. There are no major bureaucratic hurdles to overcome, and you can move in soon. How long you stay, you decide. During our opening hours you always have access to your storage unit, and in case you do not need us anymore, we will provide you with short notice periods.
  3. Dryness - as long as you store, you can rely on ideal storage space conditions. It includes above all the dryness in the storage unit. It is essential to prevent mold and mildew, as well as rusting metals. With us, you receive everything after the storage exactly in the state in which you left it with us.

How to determine your perfect storage space size

 Store inexpensively in Stuttgart 

Now you know that all your stored goods are not only good but perfectly stored at LAGERBOX. But how big does your storage space have to be, so that it also fits perfectly in this context? Many overestimate the factor space in a storage unit and then prefer to rent too much before it does not fit in the end. A reasonable idea, but with our help you can rent precisely the storage space you need, saving you money! Our friendly local staff will gladly assist you in determining space size, or you can use our Unit Calculator. In the tool, you enter what you want to store, and the calculator gives you your required square footage.

Price-Tip: With us, you can already rent storage space from 9,95 Euro per month! That's only 32 cents a day!

LAGERBOX is a good host

Once this is done, the move can go on. We want to mention once again the amenities you expect from us. Because when you move in, you will receive a free transport vehicle from us, with which you can bring your stored goods to us. On-site moving aids such as pallet trucks or handcarts are available, and in our moving shop you can purchase great practical items such as boxes, foils or adhesive tape.

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Customer Testimonials
Bernd Hambrecht

Alle Mitarbeiter waren sehr freundlich, kompetent und die Miete einer Lagerbox in unserer Wunschgröße war problemlos möglich. Für uns wurde durch einen Mitarbeiter sogar zwischen mehreren Angeboten verglichen und uns dann der günstigtste Preis vorgeschlagen. Super Service.

Sabine Brinkmann

Sympathisch, engagiert und flexibel - und das zu einem fairen Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Vielen Dank für die ausgesprochen kundenorientierte Unterstützung, kompetente und freundliche Beratung bei schneller Problemlösung. Wer will, findet Wege! :) Ich bin sicher, dass ich mich bei erneutem Bedarf auch wieder auf Sie verlassen kann! Dieses Beispiel sollte Schule machen. Herzlichen Dank.

Tom Winandy

Super Einlagerungshaus: trockene und saubere Lagerboxen sowie freundliche und hilfsbereite Mitarbeiter im Service.

* The transporter is included in the Smart and Premium packages from a monthly rental of 50 € for the move-in. In the Premium package, it is even included when you move out. In general, the use of the transporter requires availability. The use is limited to the times from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5:30 pm and Saturdays from 9 am to 3:30 pm. 30 km are included, each additional kilometer is charged with 0,50 €.

** The Dortmund Innenstadt Ost and Krefeld locations have access hours of 6-22h on 365 days, the location in Berlin Neukölln from Monday to Saturday from 6-22h and on Sunday/holiday from 9-20h. All other locations have access to the storage room 365 days from 6-23h.