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How much space do I need? Find out quickly how much it is with with our room calculator.



All the forms you need for your storage with LAGERBOX: to find everything online here.

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With our partners, you can insure your stored goods with us very quickly and without much formalities.

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Do not wait for the postman and use a mailbox at one of our locations.

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Our move checklist helps you to prepare and implement your move efficiently and safely.

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We have a lot of experience in the field of moving and are happy to assist you with valuable tips.

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With our package acceptance, your parcel will always arrive well and will be kept by us until you pick it up.

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Everything is in it: We have moving materials ready such as boxes, blankets, foils and tape at attractive prices.

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On request, we provide shelves with the necessary space for you and build them at the same cost-effective for you.

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Whether handcart, trolley or other means of transport, all available for free on site.

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Transporters or trailers are ready for you when needed and even free for you when moving into the Lagerbox.

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How much space do you need? Our unit calculator will help you to find out in a few steps.

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If you want to rent storage space in Chemnitz, LAGERBOX is an excellent option. We offer you 781 professional storage units that are dry, secure and flexible to reserve, and we are currently the only self-storage provider in Chemnitz and the surrounding area. Also, we are also in the middle of the city, very centrally located, not far from the train station. Where used to be a large Swedish furniture store, since 2014 you can store your furniture - or anything else you want to know stored well.

At LAGERBOX everything is in good hands


What else you should know is that with LAGERBOX you put all your stored goods in the best of hands. We are the first self-storage provider in Germany and therefore have the most extended experience in this field. LAGERBOX also represents the best possible way to store any stored goods professionally really. We are happy to explain what we mean and why this is just right for you and your stored goods.

Safe. Clean. Dry.

There are three of our primary motto in this headline, and these three attributes in a storeroom are also essential to our customers. This is precisely how you can rent your storage room in Chemnitz from us:

Safe: LAGERBOX is more than just a container, a bower or a basement room. We offer you and your stored items a high-security standard in the form of an alarm-protected building with video-monitored corridors. Also, only you have access to your own warehouse.

Clean: Nobody is going into your storage unit who should not go in there. This also applies to dirt and impurities. Our storage rooms are kept well clean, cleaned at a tenant change and are then fully closed. Dirt and vermin have no access.

Dry: This also applies to moisture that is urgent to be avoided in a professional deposit. Your storage unit is always dry so that moisture can not damage your stored goods or even form mold.

Better than basements and garages

The latter alone is already a strong argument for LAGERBOX and against self-storage in a garage or a basement. We know that storage options at your own home often seem to be convenient because they are closer. But keep in mind that basements and garages are mostly subject to weather conditions. There are no constant temperatures, and moisture can affect sensitive goods in particular.

In the garage storage is largely prohibited!

Rent storage space in Chemnitz

LAGERBOX is easily accessible and flexible

LAGERBOX has perfect climatic conditions for storing sensitive goods such as documents, files or books. And regarding access you will not miss much compared to a basement or garage. LAGERBOX can also score with good transport links. We offer enough space for starting, loading and unloading; You can visit us at any time during our opening hours and access your storage unit.

If you want to take advantage of our attractive offer and want to rent storage space in Chemnitz at short notice, you can do that within a day. You rent as much as you need as long as you need it. Thanks to short notice periods, you can also plan dynamically with us.

Tip: With our free unit calculator, you can calculate your ideal storage space!

Additional services on the house

Additional services on the house

On-site, we support you with our popular LAGERBOX services. So you can rely on our transport aids at our location in Chemnitz, which are available free of charge for each customer. In our moving shop, you can buy practical accessories for transport and storage and our friendly staff will be happy to help you with accepting your goods.


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Sehr freundlicher und kompetenter Mitarbeiter im Büro.


Super freundliches und hilfsbereites Team. Räumlichkeiten hell und picobello sauber. Top. Ist bereits das dritte mal, dass wir hier in Chemnitz ein Lager mieten.


Sehr freundliches Personal. Die Anmeldung war unkompliziert und ging schnell. Auch das ganze Objekt ist sehr sauber und trocken. Danke für die Räumlichkeit