Low price storage space rent in Chemnitz

Book our storage units in Chemnitz and look forward to more space for private and commercial use. You can move in today, stay a week, or even a year. We are happy either way and donating you a van to move in!

Your own four walls too small, the storeroom is in another city or you in another country. These are some of the typical reasons why people book a storage space here in Chemnitz. If you also need additional storage and storage unit, we at LAGERBOX Chemnitz can help you very well. With us, everyone will find the right storage unit, suitable in size, with perfect storage conditions and many pleasant services that make the self-storage even better than it already is.

At Chemnitz, self-storage is packed with extras, services, and benefits.

Self-storage in Chemnitz: This is how your benefits are stored

Self-storage in Chemnitz 

Because we do not just rent empty spaces, our rental warehouses in Chemnitz are packed with extras, services, and benefits that make us one of the most popular self-storage providers in Germany.

Storage units in many different sizes

Determine storage area 

Even before booking, you'll enjoy one of these benefits when you see that you get exactly the space you need. It applies primarily to the storage area, which you can book with us according to your requirements. How much should it be? In determining the required storage space, we can help you in many ways.

How we determine the perfect storage unit

store complete household 

Of course, it makes a difference in terms of space, whether you only want to store tires or store tool storage or whether your entire household should be stored. Either way and depending on the size and quantity of your stored goods, you can find a suitable space at LAGERBOX in Chemnitz, adapted to your needs. Here's how we help you:

  • Use our practical unit calculator
  • Let our friendly staff in Chemnitz help you
  • Explain your space requirements by phone
  • Send us an e-mail with your goods (also with photos)

Which items can be stored?

So you can book with us a storage area that fits exactly in size, but in which you can also store a lot of different storage goods. Commercial customers can save files and documents with us, deposit seasonal supplies or even store garden tools. But of course, we are also there for private customers from Chemnitz, for example, if you need a self-storage unit for a stay abroad or want to rent a self-storage space for the duration of a trip around the world. Besides, you can store clothes in our optimally air-conditioned rooms, stow away books or use us as a cellar substitute.

Commercial customers can store files and documents with us 

Storage for the individual life situations

Either way, we are also there for you in life situations where you have to redeploy quickly and sometimes unexpectedly. At the Chemnitz site, you can either move furniture or divide furniture or store your entire household if you have not found a new one yet.

Perfektes Raumklima für jedes Lagergut

Accommodate items when moving in together

Before you decide for a basement or go up with your stuff an attic, you would rather weigh whether your stored goods can withstand the possible humidity and temperature fluctuations. Come to us: safety, dryness, constant temperatures and consistent humidity are great for just about any commodity. With us, you can store Christmas decorations or sports equipment, but also deposit furniture at a low cost.

Interessant auch für Monteure, Messe-Arbeiter und Co.

Tool storage

But of course we also always have a storage unit in Chemnitz free for all commercial customers. LAGERBOX is therefore particularly popular with companies because we offer excellent conditions for commercial storage. It does not only apply to the excellent conditions within the storage spaces. We have also attached great importance to ensuring that our location in Chemnitz is easily accessible and can also be used by larger vehicles. You can use a self-storage space very well as a fitter or rent it as practical mess storage. You can store your tools or advertising material with us and always have access to your warehouse during our opening hours.

Did you know? New customers receive a free transporter on the moving in day!

Storage space from € 0,32 per day

If you find that appealing, you will certainly like the price, from which you can rent storage space in Chemnitz: Already starting at 9,95 Euro per month, that is. That corresponds to an excellent daily rate of only 32 cents!


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