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Self-storage in Stuttgart - inexpensive storage space for rent

Make room at home or in the company and store it where it is best: At LAGERBOX your stored goods expect the best climatic conditions. You benefit from great extras, services and a lot of customer comfort!

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LAGERBOX is one of the best contacts for self-storage in Stuttgart. It is because we not only offer a large number of storerooms that are suitable for many types of storage. Many additional services and extra comfort also define self-storage. What this means for you as our customer for self-storage in Stuttgart and what you can store with us, you will now find out.

Book private and commercial storage space

Self-storage in Stuttgart

Our self-storage location in Stuttgart is there for both private and commercial users. The capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg is one of the largest cities in Germany and one of the most important business locations in Europe clear that many trades are here established or for a limited time in the city. Either way, as a company you can either rent a storeroom or a tool-storage or store garden tools. Private individuals looking for a storeroom in Stuttgart are also welcome. You can store with us books or clothes, a complete household or the Christmas decorations until the next holiday.

Tip: Especially for the delicate items like Christmas balls, we offer you the right shelves before you move into the storage unit. Just talk to us!

Rent flexible and short-term trade fair storeroom in Stuttgart

store Christmas decorations

Our storerooms are also very well suited for the trade fair in Stuttgart and its visitors. Not only fair visitors themselves need temporary accommodation in the city. Also, their measuring equipment needs at least temporarily a good, safe and dry storeroom. That's exactly what you get with us in Stuttgart. For the duration of the fair, you can rent your exhibition and storage storeroom from us and access it within our opening hours at any time.

Perfect dry storage for files and documents

Dry-storage for files and documents

Other work areas, similar requirements: Even if you want to store files, a reliable and above all dry warehouse is essential to you. Especially your business documents and important documents store best in permanent dryness, because files, folders, and paper pages have a vital need for it. We are aware of this urgency and guarantee constant dryness in the storage units - and this is also for long time storage.

Depending on your needs, you only stay for one week or even several years.

Self-storage in Stuttgart - store as long as you want

Storeroom in Stuttgart

This brings us to an essential aspect of self-storage at LAGERBOX, which is important for many customers. Many people know it this way when they rent an apartment, a parking space or a basement, that they bind themselves here for a certain period of time and also have to expect a long notice period. It is not like that when you store with us. With us, you can rent a more than veritable basements replacement as early as one week. Safe, dry and just flexible, you will receive storage spaces of various sizes, and we will also meet you in time. Depending on your needs, you only store one week or several years.

Book storage room and move in today

Apartment not ready yet

But you do not have to wait long for the next available storage unit! On the contrary, because we have usually already on the same day your storeroom for you! Reserved today, closed today - if you contact us in time, this scenario can come true. It is of course especially helpful in the following situations:

  • Apartment not ready. You are ready to move, but your new accommodation is not yet. Where to go with your household? Do not worry; you can store furniture low cost with us until your new apartment is ready for occupancy.
  • No new apartment found. It is also possible: your rental agreement is coming to an end, but your apartment search is not. On the deadline, you can even count on us here and store your furniture with us.
  • Store in case of separation. Indeed not a nice occasion to look for self-storage in Stuttgart. But we think somebody has to be there for you in such a situation. Especially if you find no place with friends and family, an empty storage unit can be very welcome!
  • Store when moving in together. Maybe you will soon have another reason for storage in the future. When two move in together, there is usually only room for one household. Everything that both temporarily no longer needed, you can store inexpensively with us.
  • For a stay abroad rent a self-storage unit. Whether it is really so temporary, you can not always say so sure when staying elsewhere. Especially if you do not rent a container and want to take everything with you, but it is indeed better than to store everything in the homeland safely.
  • Rent a self-storage space on a trip around the world. The situation is similar when you make a world tour. Some people do not even know how long this world tour and self-discovery could take. However, it is certain that you know how long it must be during your stay abroad that your household is stored safely at LAGERBOX.

during a stay abroad secure storage at LAGERBOX

Ideal for tire storage

One topic that keeps coming up in the context is tire storage. When do you have to store tires? How does that work best and where do you actually do it in Stuttgart? No more questions for you, if you inform yourself about tire storage and then store them at LAGERBOX.

Store sports equipment over the winter

If you want to store tires or similar seasonal needs, you are right at LAGERBOX every season. Because we always have a perfect storage space climate to store sports equipment, either store bike in winter or winter sports accessories store in the summer. We are always athletic for you on site, at most hours of the day!


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