Our warehouse offers for self-storage in Frankfurt/Main

Space problems? We have the solution! LAGERBOX always has space for you! Come to us and rent a storage unit of the optimal size as you need it. You get safety, dryness and transport aids with it!

Frankfurt, the city on the Main in Hesse, is a city characterized by high rents and a growing housing shortage. Of course, Frankfurt is not the only one in Germany. Frankfurt is also not alone when it comes to our great offer of additional storage and storage space. If you too can use storage space in Frankfurt or if you are thinking of renting a basement replacement, we have just the right thing for you. Flexibly rentable warehouses both in terms of size and size, ideal storage conditions in every respect, and with many extras and at a super price! So before you stow your things in a container, you'd better come to us! LAGERBOX in Frankfurt provides you and your stored goods with the perfect self-storage!

Self-storage in Frankfurt - what exactly is that?

Self-storage in Frankfurt

But what is this all about? How should someone imagine this kind of storage? For those who have not had any points of contact with it yet, we like to explain the principle. Later, we will also tell you why Self-storage is something extraordinary with and at LAGERBOX in Frankfurt. But first of all, the basics: Self-storage in German means as much as store by yourself. In other words, you get a rental storage space where you are, so to speak, your own warehouse manager and where you can accommodate a great many different things simply and flexible.

Tip: Find out more about "What is self-storage?" Here.

All this can be stored at LAGERBOX in Frankfurt

Store books or even an entire household

For example, you can store books or Christmas decorations in our units in Frankfurt, have your bike overwintered, or store clothes or even an entire household. Even for an important issue that affects many of us twice a year - storing tires - our storage units are ideally suited. Everything you store with us, you get back in the usual condition.

Of course, this is also important to many of our commercial customers in Frankfurt. We are happy to welcome companies that use storage space as a trade fair center.

And our private customers no longer ask themselves "Where to put garden tools in winter?". If you need to store sports equipment in the Frankfurt area or if you would like to use one of our storage spaces as a tool store, please contact our branch office in Frankfurt.

We have the ideal conditions, even for long-term storage.

The perfect storage conditions

The perfect storage conditions

Even for your office stocks LAGERBOX is very well suited, because with us the ideal conditions prevail, also for long-term storage. So if you want to store files or documents, no problem! Because our professional storage units are always dry, you can count on protective storage, especially for important documents that have years of storage periods. Fittingly, you can purchase the right file boxes from us right now!

In addition to cartons and the necessary dryness, we provide you and your stored goods even more advantages - here in a practical overview:

  • Constant temperatures: It should always be dry and also the temperatures should not fluctuate too much. If you rent a storage space from us, you can rule out temperature extremes. In winter we guarantee free from frost.
  • Humidity: We take it similar with moisture. It always stays within the considerate parameters. Even if you store seasonal demands here with us, this will be safe for months with us.
  • Safety: Of course, that also applies to safety. We protect your stored goods against unauthorized access, with alarm in the buildings, video surveillance in the corridors and of course the gate to your storage space is lockable. (A lock can be purchased at our Movingshop.)
Tip: shelf setup wanted? If you wish, we can add a "personal" advantage to your individual storage space. Please contact our friendly staff if you want to book the shelf installation. We set up the storage racks for you before you move in and also insert the shelves at the required intervals.

Our plus in self-storage in Frankfurt

These circumstances in your storage room are indispensable for professional storage, although not in every warehouse of course. For example, if you count on a basement, you can not be sure that everything overwinters here or dry over the next heavy rain.

But in addition to our reliable storage units, we also offer many extras that you will not get anywhere - and certainly not in a basement.

Padlocks are available directly at the site.

Moving materials and transport aids on site

So we have moving materials and transport aids available at every location in Germany. Of course, if you use a storage room as a storeroom, you may, of course, use our pallet trucks, handcarts, and trolleys for free availability.

Also, you will find useful information for transporting, packing and safe accommodation at our local moving shops. Things like tape, dispensers and/or moving boxes and blankets you can purchase inexpensively in our shops directly on site.

Book flexibly additional storage space

Handcarts and trolleys for free availability on site

Self-storage is just the thing for you if, for example, you need to accommodate furniture during a separation. You can also store furniture with us for low-cost if you want to rent a self-storage space during a stay abroad or a self-storage unit during a trip around the world. Even if the new apartment is not ready yet or you have not found one, you can move in at short notice. Booking is also possible on the same day, and we offer booking times starting from one week. The longer you stay, the more we will be happy of course, and we also offer attractive long-term rates. Ask in our branch in Frankfurt!


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